Business continuity plans help separate “Businessman of the Year” from the pack

Business owners may want to take a page from the strategies adopted by The Nation's "Businessman of the Year."

This December, The Nation, a weekly journal of news, opinion and political analysis, named the president and CEO of Siam Cement Group (SCG), Kan Trakulhoon, as its “Businessman of the Year.”

Performing regular disaster recovery plan check ups in 2012

Like doctor's checkups, disaster recovery plan updates need to be completed at least twice a year, experts say.

Every business owner understands the benefits of ensuring that both they and their workers receive regular medical check-ups.

Businesses should update continuity plans for winter storms

Winter storms that bring snow and freezing rains can disrupt business operations if companies aren't prepared.

While businesses only need to update their disaster recovery planning documents periodically, business continuity plans often need to be adapted on a more frequent basis, responding to the challenges of new technologies, seasons or other external factors.

Conducting a security audit, the first step in implementing a disaster recovery plan

While physical business security is important, many business owners are now adapting their disaster recovery plans with data security in mind.

Due in part to the rising frequency and severity of data breaches over the last few years, it’s more important now than ever for IT professionals to have an active role in the business continuity plans of their employers.

Employee holiday shopping habits could threaten data security

Online shopping at work could be putting the data of many companies at risk, according to a new report.

With the holiday shopping season quickly coming to an end, business owners may find that their employees are taking more time out of their scheduled work day not to complete company tasks, but to engage in last-minute gift buying.

Minot, North Dakota approves continuity of operations plan following flood

After experiencing heavy flooding this summer, one North Dakota city moved forward with planning that will allow it to better navigate another disaster.

After experiencing severe flooding this summer, the city of Minot, North Dakota, announced on December 20 that it was ready to move forward with a comprehensive flood recovery plan.

Disaster recovery funds to be included in final version of Fiscal Year 2012 bill

Following severe flooding this summer in some parts of the country, the federal government recently improved new disaster recovery funds.

This past November, Congressman Maurice Hinchey – a Democrat from New York – requested that more than $2.6 billion in disaster recovery funding be added to the federal fiscal budget for 2012.

Texas school association finds success with disaster recovery preparedness

Texas schools ready their data systems for potential disasters.

Due to the constant threat of earthquakes and tornadoes, business and municipalities in Texas need to be prepared to handle whatever nature throws their way.

Berlin, Connecticut, steps up its continuity of operations planning

In the aftermath of major storms, many municipalities find that their continuity of operations planning could benefit from some outside expertise.

This past December, town officials from Berlin, Connecticut, met to revise their continuity of operations planning following its recent struggles in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene.

SBA offers small business recovery tips through webinars

The U.S. Small Business Administration is trying to raise disaster recovery awareness through online resources.

Since small business owners often only have a handful of employees, most of the weight for the development of upper-level company strategies must be put on their shoulders.

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