Businesses in industrial and office parks can benefit from disaster recovery planning

Businesses in office parks can have superior disaster relief planning by working together

While business owners may feel like developing emergency planning initiatives is a process that can only happen internally, this type of readiness can sometimes be best developed when a number of interconnected organizations are willing to work together.

Record year for natural disasters indicates need for strategic business continuity planning

Events like the Wallow fire in Arizona indicate a need for business continuity planning

In the wake of two record years in disaster causation, an event like the Wallow fire indicates that small businesses need to be ready with emergency plans should a natural disaster stand in the way of normal business operations.

DA arrest in Barstow indicates need for violence prevention program in the workplace

A Barstow woman expressed a desire to stab her boss with an insulin syringe, indicating a need for proper business continuity planning

A recent arrest highlights the need for all companies to engage in strategic business continuity planning dictating a specific course of action should an employee act on their intentions to harm co-workers or employers.

SOTU Address challenges business owners to contribute to national cause

Small businesses can help the president meet his goals by investing in forward-thinking solutions that protect their ability to produce profits and jobs.

Much of the president’s speech focused on his efforts to inspire American businesses to contribute positively to the financial troubles many in the nation are now facing.

Fairfax County, Virginia, passes disaster recover plan

One Virginia county recently passed a continuity of operations plan that is meant to help the region better recovery from a disaster.

On January 24, Fairfax County, Virginia’s Board of Supervisors announced that they had endorsed a disaster recovery planning document for the region.

Businesses should keep their disaster recovery plans in shape

As with the human body, a disaster recovery plan is best kept in shape through continued improvements.

Comparing a business without a tested disaster recovery plan to an out-of-shape individual who tries to run a marathon, Rachel Dines, a writer for, recently offered up 10 tips that business owners who are concerned about their business continuity planning would be wise to implement.

Minnesota state government experiences three-hour call center interruption

A recent communications problem in Minnesota highlights the need for municipalities to engage in continuity of operations planning.

While voice over internet protocol (VoIP) systems have been lauded for their ability to help businesses increase the quality of their call centers and buoy their bottom lines, just as with traditional phones, these high-tech services can sometimes experience technical difficulties.

Business continuity planning can help a brand persevere

Kim Kardashian's recent divorce, and subsequent brand issues, may be of interest to business owners looking to adopt disaster recovery planning intiatives this year.

Some disasters can be seen coming from a mile away. For example, take reality TV star Kim Kardashian’s recent marriage to NBA star Kris Humphries.

Small businesses harbor out-of-date or inadequate disaster recovery plans, study says

Following a disaster, small businesses may need the helping hand that can be provided by a fully conceptualized disaster recovery plan.

In recent weeks, a number of studies revealed that small businesses in Europe and Australia were lacking disaster recovery planning documents that could help them achieve a swift recovery in the wake of a major incident.

BATS Global Markets announces new data center

By securing an additional data center, companies with nationwide operations can ensure they are prepared no matter where a natural disaster or other emergency hits.

On January 18, BATS Global Markets, the Missouri-based operator of stock and options markets, announced that it would be adopting a backup data center as part of its disaster recovery planning.

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