Business owners can recover from disasters with proper document management

Due to hurricane damage, one trailer business in Vermont was forced to continue its operations without essential paperwork.

No matter the industry, businesses need to ensure that their essential company records are preserved in the event of a natural disaster.

NFL franchise invests in IT disaster recovery planning

The Dallas Cowboys recently announced that they had implemented disaster recovery planning steps that would help better protect the organization's data.

While the Dallas Cowboys had their fair share of problems on the gridiron this past season, a new announcement from the storied franchise indicates it may soon have an easier time defending its IT systems, following a string of smart investments.

Study finds European businesses ill-prepared for disaster

A new study of European businesses may be of use to American companies that are trying to overhaul their disaster management plans.

In the new study completed by Freeform Dynamics, researchers found that more than 50 percent of businesses in the United Kingdom, Germany and France may not be taking disaster recovery planning seriously, as they don’t have a formal plan in place

El Paso utilities draft proposal to improve city’s COOP planning

Due in part to unexpected wintery weather in one Texas city, the municipality embarked on a year-long effort to retool its continuity of operations plan.

While the winter weather has been relatively mild in a number of traditionally snow-battered states, some municipalities are taking this lull in seasonal operational challenges to revisit their continuity of operations planning (COOP) documents.

SBA event to highlight lessons from last year’s natural disasters

While webinars can be a useful tool, business owners who are serious about revising their disaster recovery plans may want to speak to a consultant.

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) announced that it is hosting a webinar on January 17 that could help these business owners better adjust their disaster recovery planning for the coming year.

Additional federal grants will aid disaster recovery in Missouri

A tornado in Joplin, Missouri killed more than 160 residents and led to substantial property damage

Residents and businesses in Missouri are still feeling the effects of last May’s tornado, and a recent grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will provide aid for local disaster recovery planning.

Communicating data backup policies could boost a business’ perception

Rather than using outdated technology as a last resort, business owners interested in disaster recovery planning that could help them advance may want to contact an experienced consulting group.

While companies may want to keep the steps they’re taking to secure their own data more private, these organizations look for the same signs of trust when choosing a consulting firm that could help them with their data management.

Cloud computing research firm offers data backup tips

Business owners can secure essential data with the help of a consulting team that's well-versed in not only this form of backup, but also the real-world ramifications of disaster planning.

With 2012 already underway, many business owners are looking to invest in new technology that could allow them to better make use of their existing data storage infrastructure.

VoIP business phones could enhance COOP planning

By improving the ability of their phone systems to withstand disasters, municipalities may be able to ensure a swifter disaster recovery process.

While proper planning is an essential part of any continuity of operations plan, the city or town officials who rely on these tools to function when the unexpected happens may be able to better ensure the municipality’s swift recovery by investing in the right services.

Videoconferencing to play an increasing role in business continuity in 2012

Videoconferencing can allow business owners to reduce travel expenses and better prepare for disasters.

Due to its ability to allow business owners and their employees the ability to communicate in real time, videoconferencing became a trend many companies embraced as a way to improve worker communication and productivity in 2011.

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