Ohio shooting suggests need for violence preparedness in municipality continuity of operations plans

A high school in Chardon, Ohio became the scene of a tragic school shooting earlier this week

It is important for municipality officials to factor in proactive measures to prepare their infrastructure with an action protocol should an unexpected act of violence occur in the community.

Florida County Clerk accused of multiple instances of aggression in the workplace

A Florida court house became the grounds for a workplace violence incident recently

In order to undertake corporate violence education and training initiatives, it would be wise for business officials to deploy the services of an experienced consultant who can help put workplace violence preparedness measures into a company’s business continuity plan.

Stamford, CT completes emergency volunteer training program

Volunteers in Stamford, CT recently completed a training program so they can assist emergency workers in the case of a natural disaster

After natural disasters like Hurricane Irene helped make 2011 the most costly year for damages recorded in U.S. history, many municipalities have wisely taken steps to ramp up their continuity of operations planning to effectively address any future emergency incidents.

The importance of preparedness to a municipality’s continuity of operations

A disaster preparedness consultant can assist a community optimize its continuity of operations planning to deal with emergency situations like a flood

Those municipalities concerned with their ability to effectively educate the community and prepare their infrastructure for disaster would likely enjoy great benefit from hiring the services of a certified disaster preparedness consultant who can perform a similar service.

Alabama and Tennessee currently engaged in “Severe Weather Awareness Week”

A disaster consultant can help a municipality fortify hot sites in the wake of extreme weather

Other states concerned with their ability to effectively cope with and recover from natural disasters may benefit from deploying the services of a certified business continuity consultant experienced in disaster recovery.

One shot, one wounded in ICE workplace shooting

Two ICE officers were recently involved in a workplace violence incident that left one officer dead and the other wounded

When one considers instances of workplace violence, law enforcement officials are likely seen as mediators providing assistance to the victims. However, it was the officers themselves who experienced a workplace violence incident last week.

Deploying a disaster preparedness consultant to address federal relief cuts

State officials just learned that southern Nevada will have its disaster relief budget cut by $3 million in the wake of FEMA budget cuts

While many municipalities are eligible for disaster relief funds from the federal government, the potential to receive those funds has been diminished as the Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) agency recently had its budget cut by $1.5 billion

The importance of corporate initiatives for workplace violence prevention

According to a new book, violence prevention initiatives should be stemming from the c-level suite

It may be easy for some business owners to become complacent regarding violence in the workplace. However, such complacency would be misguided, with reported instances of violent employee behavior becoming more and more frequent.

Securing an accessible hot site for seamless business continuity

Having a company's hot site in close proximity to public transit is crucial for effective worker recovery after a disaster

Advanced planning is crucial for business owners. To successfully cope with emergency conditions when they arise, a business owner needs to have engaged in disaster recovery planning beforehand to ensure operations can get back on track with minimum time and resources lost.

Decreasing vulnerability for small and medium-sized businesses during a disaster

In the case that emergency conditions make a primary work site inoperable, business owners should consult with a disaster consultant to negotiate a good hot site price

With years of experience in hot site negotiation, a disaster consultant can level the playing field for a small business owner looking to equip an alternative site with the appropriate technology at a reasonable price.

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