Preparing a municipality’s religious establishments to protect its members in case of unexpected disaster

A St. Louis church that failed to act during the Good Friday Tornado last year suggests municipalities should be beefing up their disaster recovery plans for all local establishments

Municipalities need to be sure that a widespread protocol for disaster planning is available to all local establishments so these organizations can protect citizens who are away from home during an emergency.

North Carolina lumber yard shooting suggests the benefits of deploying a violence prevention consultant

A workplace shooting at a lumber yard indicates the importance of a workplace violence prevention program

Companies wisely engaged in business continuity planning must factor in a protocol to address gun violence in addition to other emergency considerations.

Emergency respondents in Alaska test cold weather response in mock drill

Emergency workers in Fairbanks, Alaska recently participated in a mock drill to test preparedness for extreme cold conditions

Regardless of how sound the continuity of operations plan appears on paper, it is of vital importance for municipalities to test the plan under controlled circumstances to check that it will be effective in reality.

Vermont healthcare providers unveil new mobile healthcare facility for emergency relief

Healthcare providers in Vermont just unveiled a new mobile healthcare facility to be deployed should the primary site become unusable in an emergency situation

Healthcare officials in Vermont recently announced an innovative emergency medical planning solution, unveiling a mobile 20-bed hospital structure that can be effectively deployed when disaster conditions render a primary site unusable.

Promoting education and community in a municipality’s continuity of operations plan

A 1995 Chicago heat wave reminds officials to incorporate communal solidarity into continuity of operations plans

Both 2010 and 2011 were record years for natural disasters, and it would be shortsighted for a municipality not to consider a viable continuity of operations plan should 2012 follow suit.

University of Michigan study suggests steps for pandemic preparedness

Based on a recently published University of Michigan study, business owners should have a plan for face mask and rubber glove dispersal to prevent illness from spreading through an office

When engaging in business continuity planning, it would be wise for a company’s decision makers to factor in pandemic preparedness in addition to disaster recovery.

Midwestern states taking appropriate measures to prepare for earthquake conditions

Midwestern states prone to earthquakes will be participating in the Great Central U.S. ShakeOut on February 7 to practice the "Drop, Cover and Hold On" protocol

Municipalities that are prone to disastrous conditions need to be prepared with a strategic continuity of operations plan that can seamlessly address catastrophic circumstances.

Considering the internal and external options for your company’s business continuity plan

A company needs to consider its budget and recovery time objectives before choosing whether to pursue either internal or external disaster recovery solutions

Companies that are looking to improve their business continuity planning with the addition of an external recovery site need to first assess a number of factors, including their recovery time objectives and budgets.

Securing work area recovery should disaster strike

While a business owner's life is stressful enough, failing to have a business continuity plan in the face of disaster could result in many added problems for the company

Business owners may not be inclined to put additional stress on the company by allocating funds toward business continuity planning, despite the fact that this measure could help them recover when their operations are disrupted by a catastrophe.

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