Deploying innovative pandemic preparedness solutions for tight-knit communities

A pandemic preparedness consultant can help communities operating in tight quarters minimize disease spread

When the swine flu outbreak occurred in 2009, institutions that fostered large groups of people in relatively confined areas became notably susceptible to the quickly spreading virus.

Michigan officials handle tornado with zero casualties

A preparedness consultant can help mobilize valuable grassroots assistance in the wake of a disaster

In mid-March, a tornado struck Michigan with 135 MPH winds that wrought havoc on any areas that got in its way as the violent air column ravaged the ground for a full 30 minutes.

Understanding the threat of domestic violence spilling into the workplace

A violent incident at a Vancouver Starbucks illustrates that workplace violence can happen in the most unexpected locations

Even the most seemingly docile industries can be subject to tragedy, necessitating a regularly updated business continuity plan that addresses action protocols for violent situations.

Partnering with disaster preparedness professionals for proper relief budgeting

A disaster preparedness consultant can assist municipalities with budget assistance to effectively deal with an emergency internally

Certain states may benefit from budgeting assistance, which could be derived by deploying the services of a certified disaster preparedness consultant.

Oklahoma officials gather to address issues facing local businesses

A recent event in Oklahoma surrounded the topic of continuing business operations in the wake of a disaster

Illustrating the importance of disaster planning, citizens in Oklahoma gathered for an event entitled, “A Day Without Business: A Business Continuity Summit,” to help diminish the negative impact of lackluster preparedness initiatives.

Indiana prepares for annual Severe Weather Awareness Week

Indiana officials are instituting several preparedness initiatives during Severe Weather Awareness Week

From March 18 to 24 in Indiana, the general Severe Weather Awareness Week will be observed to enhance preparedness for harsh weather conditions typically occurring in the spring and summer seasons.

IEMA facilitates disaster planning resource for deaf and hard-of-hearing citizens

A recent initiative in Illinois will extend disaster preparedness information to deaf and hard-of-hearing citizens

When municipalities are engaged in continuity of operations planning, it is extremely important to ensure that resources related to disaster preparedness and recovery are available to all members of the community.

Florida teacher kills headmaster and then himself

A transformer fire resulted in major logistical problems for the Boston area

School administrators need to factor in preparedness provisions for a violent incident in the case that a teacher or student loses touch with his or her better judgement and does something rash.

New federal sub-unit announced to focus exclusively on disaster preparedness and relief

A new federal sub-unit will be designed exclusively to assist emergency workers in preparedness and response initiatives

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is collaborating with the Corporation for National and Community Services to facilitate a new sub-unit within the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corp.

Business officials meet in London to increase preparedness for the summer Olympics

A business continuity forum was recently undertaken in London to prepare for this summer's Olympic games

With the 2012 summer Olympics drawing nearer to its July 27 start date, it will be necessary for all organizations in close proximity to London to the event to ramp up their business continuity planning accordingly.

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