Deploying a preparedness consultant to handle an emergency independently

It is wise for businesses to prepare for disaster well in advance without having to rely on federal relief efforts

Natural disasters remind business officials how important is to be prepared to address emergency circumstances well before they happen, as there will likely be a lag between the event’s occurrence and formally mobilized assistance.

How a preparedness consultant can help citizens know where to start

Communities without grassroots disaster preparedness outreach would benefit from deploying the services of a disaster consultant

Despite a municipality’s best efforts, its citizens may not be adequately prepared for an emergency.

Learning how to identify and diffuse a potentially violent employee’s frustration

Understanding warning signs of violent behavior can help business officials prevent a workplace violence incident

Considering the significant damage that a workplace violence incident can have on an office’s productivity and morale, business officials must be prepared to identify early warning signs that often precede a violent incident and implement techniques to diffuse the situation.

Preparing for hurricane season early to avoid low supply availability

Municipalities need to plan for hurricanes in advance to avoid issues of low supply

Municipalities prone to natural disasters like hurricanes need to be prepared for emergency conditions well in advance to ensure that low supply availability does not stand in the way of seamless continuity of operations.

Securing hot sites to avoid displacing a business’ staff

Failing to secure hot sites could cause a business significant damage in lost workers

If business officials are not prepared to address an extreme situation like a completely unusable primary worksite, a business could experience significant fiscal losses and leave their staff out of work.

New study suggests U.S. is ill prepared to handle a Fukishima-level nuclear disaster

A new report concludes that the U.S. is not prepared to cope with Fukashima-level nuclear disaster conditions

A recent study suggests the U.S. is not prepared to cope with Fukashima-like disaster conditions

Preparing a business for legislation that could catalyze a workplace violence incident

A bill in Tennessee is being considered that would allow employees to store a gun in their vehicle while at work

As business officials hone their business continuity plan to adapt to their current social and political landscape, it is important for these decision makers to also factor in how proposed legislation could affect the terms of the plan.

Sacramento hospital forced to payout more than $100 million

A business continuity consultant can help prepare a protocol to address sexual harrassment

For facilities interested in taking steps to avoid the legal ramifications surrounding such harmful corporate practices, it would be wise to hire the services of a business continuity consultant experienced in sexual harassment prevention.

Louisiana officials test medical supply distribution plans to enhance disaster preparedness

After hurricane Katrina devastated regions in Louisiana, officials recently tested the state's emergency response program to gauge readiness for another natural disaster

For other municipalities with less explicit protocols regarding emergency response, it would be wise to consult with a continuity of operations consultant.

Vallejo fire dept. provides disaster preparedness assistance to elderly citizens

Officials in Vallejo undertook an initiative recently to better prepare senior citizens for a natural disaster

It is of the utmost importance for officials to understand not only how a municipality can support the community at large, but provide additional assistance to at-risk citizens such as the elderly.

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