Corporate negligence leads to workplace casualty

A pharmacy employee lost her life after her employers repeatedly ignored worries about a violent co-worker

Business officials must understand that the safety of their employees is of paramount importance and as such, they must be willing to take the time to update business continuity plans to address workplace violence preparedness.

Oklahoma healthcare network undertakes involved preparedness exercise

A disaster preparedness exercise in Oklahoma will feature mock victims with makeup to simulate wounds

Factoring preparedness drills into a medical facility’s continuity of operations plans is an excellent way to ensure that a hospital is prepared to provide the assistance and evacuation practices that will likely be required should an emergency situation present itself.

IT Web lays out strategic tips to consider when designing a business continuity plan

Continuity consultants can provide the experience and resources to deploy the best practices for business continuity planning

A recent article published by IT Web suggests a series of tactics that contribute to the maturity and comprehensiveness of a business continuity plan.

III revisits the destruction in Alabama one year ago

The III recently revisited the destruction wrought in Alabama one year ago

Just over one year ago, Alabama was ravaged by a series of tornadoes and other severe weather patterns that caused immense property destruction and many deaths after the region was hit with more than 750 tornadoes during April 2011.

Protecting pets in the case of an evacuation

Continuity consultants can help establish provisions to protect pets in the case of a natural disaster

Oftentimes there is a section of a community that requires assistance during a disaster that is overlooked: pets.

Nursing homes reported to have highest workplace violence rates

It has been reported that nursing homes have the highest rate of workplace violence in the country

It may be surprising to note that nursing homes have the highest rates of workplace violence in the country.

Experts fear early warning system may lead to citizen complacency

Experts fear that the early warning system deployed during the recent midwest tornadoes will create complacency and a lack of future preparedness

Although the early warning did indeed mitigate the number of lives that could potentially have been lost, a recent article published by The Huffington Post suggests that it may create additional problems in the future.

Report finds nursing homes not prepared to protect patients with strategic emergency provision

A report found that nursing homes may not be prepared with the proper provisions to assist the elderly/disabled in the case of a disaster

Factoring assistance for the elderly and disabled into a business continuity plan is of the utmost importance for nursing homes and other private healthcare facilities.

Midwest ravaged by far-reaching storm system

The midwest was recently hit hard by severe weather patterns that left five people dead

The past few years have been proving themselves to be incredibly destructive with increasingly high rates of natural disasters causing an immense amount of property destruction and other devastation in affected regions.

CERT training cancelled due to low enrollment

A disaster preparedness consultant can help design eye catching education programs to boost enrollment

Small towns in the United States oftentimes require supplementary support for emergency response workers in the case that a natural disaster strikes unexpectedly.

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