Workplace bullying more pervasive than one may imagine

It has been reported that bullying is still as pervasive in the workplace as it was on the playground

Bullying continues to be pervasive even as children grow into adults and enter the workforce.

How continuity consultants can facilitate next level BCP with modern corporate technology

A continuity consultant can help facilitate virtualization in a business to enhance recovery time from a tech glitch or natural disaster

In the wake of immense digital penetration into the business world, there are a new series of benefits and challenges that must be regularly addressed by enterprise officials in any industry through their business continuity plan.

The importance of updated data backup and recovery initiatives in a BCP

A Massachusetts bank recently enjoyed many benefits from switching to cloud-based data backup and recovery services

It is important for businesses in all sectors to have well-designed data backup and recovery initiatives in their business continuity plans to facilitate fast recovery time objectives to get an operation back on track as seamlessly as possible in the wake of a technical glitch or natural disaster.

Study finds most states not prepared to deal with climate issues

With what experts are calling a "climate crisis," municipality officials must update their continuity of operations plan to adjust for rising water levels

America is currently undergoing a change in climate expectations, leading to what some experts are calling a “climate crisis.” And as the country undergoes significant climate changes, it is crucial that municipalities update their continuity of operations plans accordingly.

2012 already following in destruction trends set in previous years

2012 is already proving to be following in the natural destruction trends that defined 2011 and 2010

In the wake of two record-setting years in damages and casualties wrought by natural disasters, 2012 is already following a similar trend with a slew of powerful weather incidents already causing death and destruction throughout the United States.

Dallas residents reportedly ill-equipped to cope with recent tornadoes

Residents in Dallas reported improper disaster coping strategies after tornadoes hit the region on Tuesday

Communities in the Greater Dallas area experienced the wrath of an intense weather pattern this past Tuesday that was reported to have brought somewhere between six and 13 tornadoes to the region.

Cosmetology school undertakes workplace violence workshop

Many municipalities have begun business continuity education initiatives to facilitate understanding of the dangers of workplace violence

Many municipalities across the country are ramping up their business continuity plans to increase the emphasis placed on school and workplace violence education initiatives to provide community members with the resources to protect themselves in life threatening situations.

San Diego officials unveil innovative disaster response technologies

California officials have revealed a series of innovative technological advances that will enable the region to cope in extremely difficult conditions

It is crucial for officials to design innovative initiatives to enhance communal preparedness and response in the case that a natural disaster is approaching or has struck.

Preparedness exercise leads to major privacy incident

A set of cartridges containing private data was lost in transit during a preparedness exercise

It would be wise to consult with a continuity of operations consultant to devise a strategic preparedness initiative that takes into account anything that could go awry and lead to greater damage than the disaster itself.

Michigan State University develops “zombie apocalypse” course to generate interest in disaster preparedness

A new disaster education initiative at Michigan State University draws on the intrigue of a zombie apocalypse

With the luxuries enjoyed in modern culture, it is easy to fall into the perspective that we are past the point of enduring significant hardships in American society.

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