AT&T annual study finds IT increasing in disaster recovery plans

Cloud computing and mobile devices are becoming larger parts of business continuity plans

Businesses have updated their business recovery plans to include mobile devices, the “bring your own device” trend, social networks and cloud computing

Hurricane preparedness week 2012 a good time to improve from last year

Hurricane Preparedness Week is a good time to review a business continuity plan

It takes one storm to come ashore, regardless of the intensity of the season, to create a disaster

Cheshire school stages hostage scenario to prepare students, faculty

Students, faculty and first responders can all benefit from lockdown training

Simple tabletop exercises can help individuals better plan and prepare for an emergency situation

FedEx recognized for disaster relief volunteer initiatives

FedEx was recently recognized for its role in facilitating an emergency volunteer program

A recent press release described that FedEx Corporation was recently recognized with the 2012 National Leadership and Partnership Award for sponsoring the development of Direct Relief’s MRC Med-Pack Program, helping to put these tools into the hands of thousands of volunteers.

New study examines prevalence of workplace violence in federal organizations

A recent study assessed the workplace violence risk for federal government organizations

Catalyzed by statistics that found incidents of workplace violence to be higher in state and local governments as opposed to private-sector organizations, the researchers determined that all federal government organizations are equally at risk for a violent incident.

JRMC designs elaborate bus accident exercise

A Pennsylvania medical center engaged in an elaborate emergency exercise that simulated a school bus accident

Officials at the Jefferson Regional Medical Center (JRMC) in Pittsburgh recently undertook a mock disaster response scenario to test the center’s ability to provide aid to children in distress.

Harassment lawsuits as a business continuity consideration

A business continuity consultant can help prevent issues of a lawsuit

When a company has to throw time, energy and resources into legal fees and court time, other aspects of the operation will undoubtedly suffer.

Study finds small businesses turning to technology for disaster recovery

Small businesses are seeking out innovative technologies to facilitate better disaster recovery

Procuring modern technology in order to streamline core processes may, at times, be seen as an undertaking primarily deployed by large enterprises with a big staff and significant resources to throw behind tech investments.

Preview of “Sell it, Don’t Tell It – Selling Continuity to Management, Executives, and Elected Officials”

This workshop will provide attendees with the resources to sell continuity planning to senior management

One of the best ways for a company to learn more about the specifics of this process is by sending business officials to attend the Disaster Recovery Institute 2012 Certified Professionals Conference and Expo.

Red Cross/FedEx study finds many small businesses not ready to cope with an emergency

A recent FedEx study found that many small businesses are not prepared to deal with an emergency

A new survey undertaken by the American Red Cross in partnership with FedEx Corporation found disaster recovery programs are largely being neglected.

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