Tennessee officials develop education plan to foster workplace violence awareness

Tennessee officials recently partnered to develop a seminary with the goal of generating workplace violence awareness

According to Brent O’Bryan of AlliedBarton’s Learning & Development department, nearly two million Americans’ lives are impacted by a workplace violence incident, and that the awareness and education fostered through similar seminars can serve to lower that statistic.

Facilitating optimal healthcare preparedness with an experienced consultant

A disaster preparedness consultant can help facilitate the business impact analyses and hot sites necessary for healthcare practices to continue operations after an emergency

Healthcare organizations would be well advised to partner with a consulting firm experienced in the disaster preparedness process

Cumberland County officials prepare for nuclear disaster

A community in New Jersey recently undertook a preparedness initiative to address nuclear hazards

As important as it is to plan for severe weather incidents, it is also a pressing task for municipality officials to regularly plan for more extreme emergency conditions such as a nuclear disaster.

How a disaster preparedness consultant can assist a small business with virtual servers

A disaster preparedness consultant can help a business protect its most powerful asset: its data

In order to prevent the significant consequences that manifest when a data loss occurs, it would be wise for small businesses that are utilizing virtual servers to deploy the services of a disaster preparedness consultant.

UCSD engineers developing model hospital that is immune to tremors

Engineers at UCSD have been developing a model hospital that is immune to tremors and fire

Consultants can not only help negotiate the best price on a hot site, but also help develop a tabletop exercise to ensure that the provisions of a business continuity plan are sound in practice as well as theory.

Pennsylvania organizations to host Safe Schools Conference

Pennsylvania officials will be undertaking a large scale event to provide students with the resources to facilitate a positive school environment

It is crucial for the youth population in America to understand the consequences of disasters early in life so that they are prepared to proactively address and hopefully prevent catastrophes as the leaders of tomorrow.

Forest Financial Group creates workplace violence preparedness division

Forest Financial recently developed a division devoted entirely to workplace violence preparation and training

All too often, business officials may only associate the concept of workplace violence with a disgruntled employee being pushed to a critical tipping point at which point his or her frustration boils over into a violent incident.

Salem tests emergency response in wake of 2010 tornado

Preparedness consulting firms can help municipalities secure funds to test their continuity of operations plan

Many municipalities wisely update their continuity of operations plans to learn from past incidents and better prepare for the future.

Toronto businesses expressing preparedness for natural disasters

Business officials in Toronto are expressing widespread preparedness for an emergency

Businesses all across the globe should be regularly updating and testing the disaster preparedness and recovery terms of their business continuity plans so that when a disaster strikes, they will be prepared to protect their employees and their infrastructure.

Study finds many companies have not tested their business continuity plan

A new study found many business officials have not tested their business continuity plan to work out the kinks

96 percent of the polled respondents admitted that they have not tested their business continuity plan.

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