Scientists say climate changes mean more wildfires in the future

With global warming, scientists say that wildfires like the ones in New Mexico and Colorado, will only increase over the years.

Wildfires will increase due to rising temperatures in temperate zones but the risk of fire will actually decrease around the Equator – especially in tropical rainforests – because of increased rainfall.

Some London businesses unprepared for Olympics, survey finds

Many London businesses surveyed do not even know if their company has a business continuity plan in place for the Olympic games.

A recent survey at TradeTech London by IPC Systems, Inc. found that 70 percent of investment bank staff think the city is lagging behind in preparations and half of the respondents are unsure if their company has a business continuity plan in place.

CEO fired after revealing company info through a tweet

Companies could benefit from proper training to ensure that their employees don't reveal private company information through social media or other means.

Francesca’s Collection fired its CEO a few weeks ago after he revealed company information through his Twitter account, however, Francesca’s may still not be off the hook with the SEC, despite company claims of being unaware of any wrongdoings until May 11.

Colorado emergency alert systems still have room for improvement

While a successful mass dialing will only reach 50 percent of users, the Colorado alert system still needs to improve in several areas.

Flawed data, human error and a lackluster effort to get residents without landlines to register their phone numbers are all contributing factors to an alert system that needs improvement.

Businesses need to be prepared for when office romances begin and end

Businesses need to ensure that they have written documentation of proper procedures for office romances to avoid any type of backlash.

According to a CareerBuilder online survey of about 7,800 full-time workers, 40 percent said they’ve dated someone at work and almost 30 percent said they’ve hooked up with someone above them in company rank.

Oregon town prepares for the worst with tsunami drill

It's just as vital for communities to hold evacuation drills, to prepare for the aftermath of a natural disaster.

Last week, Coos Bay had thousands participate in a tsunami evacuation drill, sponsored by the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries

FEMA flood insurance measure passed by U.S. House of Representatives

A recently passed FEMA measure will allow more flood insurance contracts to be entered and more money to be borrowed for funding

The FEMA measure will allow new contracts for flood insurance to be entered through July 31, 2012, and money from the Treasury – up to certain specified amounts – to be borrowed.

Study finds half of small business owners not prepared for hurricane season

A recent survey found that over half of small businesses do not have a business continuity plan in place

The Summit survey found that 52 percent of small business owners do not have a business continuity plan in place or a type of disaster recovery document to help employees and customers know what to do in the face of a natural disaster or other disruption

FEMA official says it is better to text during weather emergencies

FEMA officials say it is faster and more efficient to text during an emergency than rely on landlines

Official said homes without landlines should be ready to charge phones during power cuts and to have alternative communication plans ready, just in case wireless phone networks also experience network congestion while text messaging is faster and will get through

New Mexico record breaking wildfire causing evacuations, health alerts

New Mexico's epic wildfire is expected to burn until monsoon season in July

As of Wednesday, the Whitewater-Baldy Complex blaze was still burning at zero containment and fire officials fear it will continue to burn until monsoon season in July.

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