NBC is failing its Olympics coverage, says social media

NBC has received harsh criticism from viewers who are upset over the networks use of tape delay and live streaming options for the London Olympic Games.

The network had boasted about its ability to live stream every sport in the Games, however, viewers discovered that it was necessary to have an account with a cable or satellite TV provider or download an application from NBC.

Plan created to reform New Orleans police force

After several "troubling episodes" over the last few years, the New Orleans Police Department has agreed to a consent decree with the U.S. Department of Justice, to completely overhaul and reform the city's police force.

Known as a consent decree, the 122-page statement calls for hundreds of new department policies, including governing the use of force, arrests and searches and seizures.

Hollywood attempts to regroup after attacks in Colorado theater

The shootings in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater, during the midnight premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises," has forced the film industry under serious scrutiny.

Warner Bros., the company that released the latest Batman movie, pulled a trailer for its upcoming film, “Gangster Squad,” a 1940s period flick that features a scene in which mobsters fire automatic weapons into an audience from behind a movie theater screen, according to the Associated Press.

Success of drug testing could impact a company

The first large-scale test of a drug to treat Alzheimer's found it to be ineffective, giving research for the mentally debilitating disease a huge setback.

Pfizer, one of three companies backing research on a drug to treat Alzheimer’s, announced on Monday that the most recent experiment to prevent the disease proved ineffective in its first large-scale trial.

Disaster is preventable with proper preparation

Poor design is being blamed for numerous accidents on a New York roadway, according to research done by a law firm.

Research shows that an engineering business discovered that for over 15 years, the geometry of the Bronx River Parkway was “unsafe and in violation of numerous safety standards.”

Top hospital changes policies after young boy’s death

A top-ranked hospital, in direct response to a young patient's death, has altered its discharge methods to make the process more thorough.

NYU Langone Medical Center has created a new checklist to ensure that all test results are reviewed, and a patient is properly informed, before he or she is released.

CEOs are image of company, for better and worse

Yahoo needs a CEO who can bring it back to the forefront of the tech industry.

Marissa Mayer is Yahoo’s fifth CEO in five years, but the tech company is confident that the former engineer has what it takes to bring it back to the top of the industry.

Severe drought rocks U.S. small businesses

Farmers are among the small business owners who have suffered immensely from the severe drought sweeping the nation.

The NCDC released its monthly report saying that 55 percent of the country was in a moderate to extreme drought at the end of June and that it was the largest amount of affected land since December 1956.

Sometimes it’s a better business plan to walk away

Microsoft and NBC News parted ways after 16 years of partnership in order for each company to have more freedom in online ventures.

Both Microsoft and NBC News desired to have more control in various online enterprises and thus, decided to end their 16-year partnership.

Apple and DirecTV making adjustments to cater to customers

Apple is one of many companies that adjusts as needed in order to meet the needs of customers.

Apple is developing a smaller tablet to fit customer needs while DirecTV added Disney Junior, a 24-hour channel targeted to viewers ages 2 to 7, to its basic channel lineup after losing Nickelodeon.

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