Business continuity plan should include email awareness

Email correspondence is not temporary and can be brought forward after the fact to prove unfavorable or unethical business practices.

The Barclays rate-fixing scandal has shown that electronic confidences, such as email chains, are not secret and can come back to haunt senders years later through either theft or subpoenas.

Penn State proof that damaged reputation is difficult to repair

A recently discovered letter, written by the late Joe Paterno, said that the sexual abuse scandal should not be tied to the university or the football program, as it is a separate issue.

An independent investigation of the sexual abuse scandal that shook Penn State University last fall found that the most senior […]

NLRB creates policy for employees’ social media use

A recent memo released by the NLRB details how an organization can create an acceptable social media policy that does not infringe upon employees' free speech or labor rights.

The NLRB released a 27-page memo that details how to create an acceptable social media policy that does not infringe upon employees’ free speech or labor rights and goes on to offer guidance for businesses going forward.

Internet apocalypse flopped, companies smart to be prepared

While experts predicted a worldwide internet apocalypse for Monday, July 9, the alleged widespread virus did not happen.

It was predicted that on July 9, millions of computer users across the globe would lose most of their Internet access, due to a malware scheme that the FBI traced back in November.

Bank of America again linked to money launderers

Bank of America is once again tied to illegal actions as an individual allegedly used their accounts to launder money for a Mexican drug cartel.

Allegedly a U.S. citizen, related to a member of Los Zetas – a Mexican cocaine-trafficking cartel – used Bank of America accounts to launder money and invest illegal drug-trade proceeds in U.S. horse racing.

Boston fireworks still spectacular despite evacuation

The fourth of July celebration in Boston still went as planned, even after thousands of spectators were evacuated due to the threat of lightning.

Individuals in the Hatch Shell area, including the Boston Pops orchestra members, were evacuated around 9:30 p.m., as well as thousands of spectators situated on the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge.

Firefighters make adjustments as new furniture burns faster

NYC firefighters are trying to make adjustments in the way they fight fires, as new furniture materials are more flammable and burn faster.

With more plastic in homes, fires are more likely to use up all the oxygen in a room before it consumes all flammable materials. The fire then needs an inrush of fresh air, which is often brought in when firefighters break through roofs or windows.

Businesses that rely on the cloud may need to rethink strategies

Netflix, and other companies that rely on Amazon's cloud computing service, experienced technical difficulties after a lightning strike interrupted the system last week.

As technology has increased, and consumers and businesses can now access information from smartphones and tablets and have Internet-connected cars and appliances, there is also a greater risk of being exposed to new dangers and unforeseen risks.

Early heat wave, power outages kick off summer

As record-breaking temperatures sweep the country, many states are feeling the effects, with some businesses and organizations having to adjust to the heat wave and its aftermath.

As of June 24, 1,587 communities have reported record temperatures, including 105 degrees in Denver and 111 degrees in Dodge City, Kansas.

Organizational flaws worsened Japan nuclear crisis following tsunami

According to a report from a Japanese nuclear power plant operator, communication and organizational issues that led to meltdowns last year still need to be fixed before the plant reopens.

The Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant operator released a report citing communication issues and organizational flaws as being major causes of radiation leaks following last year’s tsunami.

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