Hurricane Isaac forces GOP convention schedule change

Hurricane Isaac forced organizers of the Republican National Convention to make last minute schedule changes to ensure that a schedule was maintained while keeping individual's safety a top priority.

According to CNN, convention organizers told reporters that they are not considering a Friday session, but that they plan to keep an eye on the weather, and if something again needs to change they will keep everyone posted.

G.M. looking to bounce back with new Cadillac design

Cadillac hopes to push itself back into the luxury car market and successfully compete against the likes of BMW.

In order to be successful, the sleek ATS will need to squash the preconceived image of Cadillacs – big engines, flashy designs and over-the-top grilles.

Potential soda ban irks New Yorkers

Many New York residents claim that the mayor's potential soda ban is overreaching his rule, and that they have a right to make their own personal choices.

Set to be approved on September 13, the plan will prohibit sales of large sugary drinks in city restaurants, stadiums and movie theaters.

Americans still plan to travel on Labor Day weekend

With more Americans planning to travel over Labor Day weekend, local businesses need to ensure that they are properly prepared for the influx of customers.

According to AAA, thirty three million Americans will travel 50 miles or more, a 2.9 increase from last year. Of those travelers, 85 percent plan to drive to their destination.

Best Buy profit plummets, hires new CEO

Best Buy hired a new CEO in hopes that he can turn the company around and bring it back to the top of the electronic retail market. Lynn Watson /

Earlier this week Best Buy announced that it earned $12 million, or 4 cents per share, in the quarter that ended on August 4. In addition, revenue dropped to $10.55 billion and adjusted earnings were 20 cents per share.

Mississippi traffic continues to flow through the drought

The Mississippi River has been adversely affected by this season's drought, with water levels dropping to dangerously low levels in some places, which could lead to traffic backups on the waterway.

The Army Corps of Engineers has over one dozen dredging vessels working on the Mississippi River this summer, excavating sediment and depositing it off to the side in order to increase the waterway’s flow.

New app causing cab drivers ire

While travelers are a fan of the Uber app, cab drivers are irked by it, saying that it creates unfair competition in the business.

The smartphone app called Uber gives users an opportunity to summon a hired car with the tap of a finger, rather than waiting for a taxicab to finally respond to a hail.

Priceline resurrects its negotiator

William Shatner's "Priceline Negotiator" character has returned to the airwaves after several months hiatus, when his character was "killed" off.

When William Shatner’s character on the Priceline commercials was “killed off,” customers took to the Internet to voice their displeasure. The “Priceline Negotiator” has since returned to the airwaves.

Air delays cause travelers to take to the trains

The rising cost of air fare and long security lines are just two reasons why more and more travelers are opting to take Amtrak trains instead of flying.

Amtrak reported that between New York and Washington, 75 percent of travelers go by train. Prior to 2001, the train company had just over a third of the business between the two cities.

Adaptation is necessary for survival and productivity

In order to adapt to climate changes and ensure farms' success, scientists have started breeding American cattle with those from Africa and India.

Some cattle are being bred with genes from animals hailing from Africa and India, while scientists are creating varieties of corn with longer roots to absorb more water and smaller tassels to save more of the plant’s energy for making kernels.

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