NBC hopes Olympic viewers will tune in for new shows

NBC hopes that the plethora of viewers who tuned in for the Olympics will also watch the network's lineup of new fall shows.

Alan Wurtzel, the top research executive for NBC, said that using the Olympics as a promotional platform is valid, as it’s very beneficial to have so many viewers for a select period of time.

New cases of swine flu hit the Midwest

Even though there has been an increase of swine flu cases in the Midwest, officials reiterated that the particular strain typically does not spread from human to human.

Last week health officials in several Midwestern states reported a five-fold increase in cases of a new strain of swine flu that spreads from pigs to people.

Study says global warming is reason for heat wave

Regardless of global warming, July 2012 was recorded as being the hottest month on record for the continental United States, according to the NOAA.

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, said that the recent and drastic heat waves can all be attributed to global warming caused by the human releases of greenhouse gases.

Chevron fire affects California gas prices

The temporary shutdown of a Chevron oil refinery in California, following a fire, could cause the state's gas prices to increase by 70 cents, up to $4.40 a gallon.

The refinery processes 243,000 barrels of oil a day into gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, which accounts for about 15 percent of the state’s fuel-making capacity.

Pipeline spills put companies under scrutiny

Following a pipeline spill in Wisconsin, Enbridge has been ordered to create a thorough safety plan, which must be reviewed by the PHMSA and an independent auditor.

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration issued Enbridge a corrective action order, along with a safety plan, for its 1,900-mile Lakehead pipeline system, following a rupture two weeks ago in Wisconsin.

Oklahoma most recent state to suffer from wildfires

Oklahoma is the latest state to fall victims to serious wildfires this summer, with record-breaking heat waves and droughts thought to be major causes.

At least 10 blazes continued to burn through Saturday, officials said, in an area that has seen temperatures reach 110 degrees over the summer.

Increased mosquito activity raises concerns about pesticide levels

An increase in mosquitoes has caused more individuals in the suburbs to hire private pest control companies, sometimes to the chagrin of their neighbors.

Higher levels of the pesky insects have led to a business boom for private pest control companies, though some residents are not pleased with the increase in sprayed pesticides.

Trading glitch causes company to lose $440 million

An erroneous trading position caused Knight Capital Group Inc. to lose $440 million in the stock market earlier this week, making it the most recent company encountering trouble due to glitches.

Knight Capital Group Inc’s shares lost over half of its value, causing the firm to approach JPMorgan for emergency funding, though it is not yet clear if that money will come through.

Food prices expected to increase next year due to drought

The prices of corn, along with other crops and food products, are only expected to rise because of the heat and severe weather this year.

According to NOAA, 2012 is now listed as the hottest year on record, which has in turn adversely affected the production of corn, soybeans and other crops.

Heat and drought affecting U.S. infrastructure

Experts say that the nationwide drought and heatwaves are beginning to cause adverse effects to highways and other aspects of the U.S. infrastructure.

According to a recent New York Times article, the concrete, steel and sophisticated engineering of the nation’s underbelly is being adversely affected from heat, summer storms and drought.

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