Drought continues to plague multitude of U.S. states

Even with recent rainfall, over half of Texas finds itself in a state of drought rated severe or worse, according to Reuters.

According to Reuters, San Angelo, Texas only has enough water supply to last the city one more year. San Angelo will enter its first ever “Drought Level III” on October 16, which will effectively ban any watering of lawns, golf courses and gardens.

UC Davis reaches $1 million settlement with pepper sprayed students

UC Davis students who took a break from studying to protest rising tuition prices and other issues last November, found themselves pepper sprayed by university police. Just this week a $1 million settlement over the incident was reached.

The university released a statement saying that it will pay $30,000 to each of the 21 UC Davis students and alumni who were pepper sprayed by campus police 10 months ago.

Hot sites are crucial for personal safety

A California fire has already claimed the life of one man after he refused to leave his home, even though an evacuation order had been issued by the sheriff's department.

The Associated Press reported that one man has died and 11 homes were destroyed in San Diego County on Tuesday. According to the source, the deceased refused to leave his home, even as the dangerous blaze grew closer.

Risks still abundant on runways

While advances in technology have reduced the amount of midair collisions, the rate of hazards on the runway is still alarmingly high, according to experts.

While advances in aviation technology have drastically reduced the risk of midair collisions and crashes into mountains and other obstacles – two of the most common causes of accidents – experts say that runway safety has lagged in comparison.

Massachusetts school evacuates after multiple gas leaks

Medway High School was forced to evacuate all students, staff and faculty members after a gas leak last Thursday. It took firefighters three hours to clear the scene but reports said class would be able to resume normally on Friday.

It took firefighters three hours to completely clear the scene after first finding the leaks, monitoring gas levels, ventilating the school and treating people on site.

Washington wildfires force some to evacuate

Wildfires continued to spread across Washington state this week, forcing a major highway to close for a few hours on Wednesday.

According to Washington’s NBC affiliate, the area has not had rain in nearly a month and temperatures have been high with low humidity – ideal breeding grounds for a wildfire.

HIPAA violation causes Massachusetts hospital to pay $1.5 million

Businesses and organizations need to take care in an increasingly digital age and ensure that private customer information remain safe and secure.

Last February, the hospital reported the theft of an employee’s laptop, which had unencrypted data on 3,621 patients and research subjects.

LSU is latest college to evacuate due to bomb threat

LSU became the fourth college in as many days to receive an anonymous bomb threat. The FBI is looking into the incidents but says they are seemingly unrelated.

University spokeswoman Christine Calongne told CNN that the call came in around 10:30 a.m. with an unspecified threat of a bomb on school grounds.

Military faulted for anti-drug and alcohol policies

A survey found that alcohol and prescription drug abuse rose among military personel from the early to late 2000s.

The Department of Defense (DoD) asked the Institute of Medicine to analyze programs and policies currently in place that pertain to all steps of abuse.

New England Commerce Department steps in to help fishermen

Last week, the U.S. Commerce Department issued a national fishery disaster for New England. Struggling fishermen will now be able to receive upwards of tens of thousands of dollars in relief.

Acting Commerce Secretary Rebecca Blank told the Associated Press that the declaration comes amid an “unexpectedly slow rebuilding of stocks,” which is forcing huge fishing cuts for next year.

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