Supreme Court pushes restaurant chains to post calorie counts

Customers will now be more fully informed about their McDonalds menu items, as the restaurant chain will soon post calorie counts for all foods.

McDonalds announced on Wednesday that it will soon begin to post the amount of calories in its different products.

Teacher strike in Chicago shows no sign of a deal

The Chicago teacher's strike continued through Wednesday, keeping 350,000 children out of school.

The union represents 30,000 teachers and support staff in the nation’s third-largest school district, reported CNN. The strike was called after negotiations failed to reach a contract agreement with school administrators despite eight months of talks.

Mercer University takes charge to save local news outlets

Mercer University is initiating a program designed to save local news outlets, while at the same time, teach journalism students about the industry.

University officials are starting a $5.6 million project to bring aid to The Telegraph and a local Georgia radio station as well, according to The New York Times.

Study finds that cost of floods doubled in last decade

A recent report by Swiss Re found that an estimated 500 million people are impacted worldwide each year, and, in 2011 nearly $15 billion were accrued in insured flood losses.

The report said that population growth, demographic change, a higher concentration of assets in exposed areas, greater vulnerability of insured objects and climate change are all key contributors to the heightened risk.

Apple looking to move into internet radio

Apple hopes to continue its strong connection to the music industry and ability to aid customers in listening to their tunes on the go by moving into the internet radio market.

According The New York Times, the tech company hopes to continue to dominate in the music industry, as the iPod changed the way individuals listen to music on the go.

Ominous weather threat pushes Obama acceptance speech inside

While President Barack Obama had a memorable outdoor acceptance speech at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, serious weather forced organizers to push this year's event indoors.

Threats of dangerous thunderstorms forced organization officials to move the president’s acceptance speech to the indoor Time Warner Cable Arena, where the rest of this week’s DNC events have been held, according to the New York Times.

U.S. issues worldwide warning for Yosemite Hantavirus

U.S. health officials fear that as many as 10,000 people are at risk for contracting a deadly virus after staying in Yosemite National Park.

U.S. health officials have sent warnings out to 39 other countries, in hopes of urging those possibly infected to seek treatment. So far, the lung disease has killed two people and put four others in the hospital.

Stay transparent and honest to keep customers loyal

Johnson & Johnson created a website to keep the company transparent, ensuring that customers are always aware of what is being done to keep them safe and meet their needs.

Johnson & Johnson stated in a press release that everything found in its products are safe, even some preservatives and trace byproducts, it is taking the customer concerns to heart.

Harvard students accused of cheating on final exam

Harvard students are being investigated for allegedly cheating on a take-home final exam. Students claim, though, that collaboration was allowed on all previous exams and that the instructions on the test in question were not clear.

Harvard University is investigating the final exams of 125 students for allegedly cheating on their take-home final exams by collaborating with one another. There was a strict no-collaboration policy, according to school officials.

Destination: Club Applebee’s

Club Applebee's is the restaurant's plan to try and encourage younger patrons to bring back their business.

For the last few years, a slow overhaul has been taking place. Late Night at Applebee’s – referred to as Club Applebee’s in some locations – plans to keep the party going until 2 a.m.

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