Continuity of operations planning is essential for seaside areas

Hurricane Sandy devastated New York City, a possibility that experts have feared for years as they found the city highly unprepared for serious flooding.

Experts have warned for years that New York City could face serious damage if more initiative was not taken to create comprehensive disaster recovery plans and take preventative measures against flooding.

Hurricane Sandy shows that disaster recovery planning is highly beneficial for hospitals

Several hospitals along the East Coast had to be evacuated because of Hurricane Sandy. It is extremely important for medical facilities to have up-to-date disaster recovery plans, to ensure that patients remain safe in times of crises.

With technology evolving at an exponential rate, many healthcare organizations rely on electronic medical records (EMRs), and as such, will be at an extreme disadvantage if power is lost.

Hurricane Sandy brings East coast to a halt

Organization decision makers need to ensure that an up-to-date business continuity plan is in place, as that will allow business resumption to happen more quickly following major storms.

As reported by the Associated Press, President Barack Obama issued a state of emergency for Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, authorizing federal relief work to begin well ahead of time.

October’s ‘Frankenstorm’ pushes importance of disaster recovery plans

Heavy rains and possible flooding is expected to hit the Northeast early next week, as three separate storm systems are predicted to converge.

Hurricane Sandy is on a course that will collide with a winter storm that has been traveling through the Midwest, moving east. There is also cold air streaming south from Canada, according to CBS news.

Business continuity consultants keep companies current

Barnes and Noble recently experienced a security breach from hackers breaking into the keypads located in front of the registers, where customers swipe their credit or debit cards and enter their PIN.

In order to keep business continuity planning as current as possible, companies would be wise to pair with consultants who are well-trained in the latest prevention and recovery techniques.

Cloud computing brings new level of risk management assessment

The increased use of cloud computing is giving companies more cause to have a comprehensive business continuity plan that accounts for online risks and cyber security threats.

Cloud computing is commonplace, but with increased accessibility could come a higher risk to companies. A comprehensive risk management assessment needs to account for cyber threats.

Rise of cyber attacks underlines need for comprehensive risk management

Business continuity planning needs to account for cyber security threats, as technology is becoming a more prominent aspect of many companies.

With technology becoming more prominent in a multitude of industries, business impact analysis plans need include ways for organizations to prepare their computer systems and ensure employees are properly educated on how to manage online security threats.

Disaster recovery planning can speed along business resumption

When major highways are shut down, either because of Mother Nature or other events, it can affect businesses by forcing employees to work from home or find alternate routes to work.

As reported by the Associated Press, a massive dust storm swept over northern Oklahoma on Thursday, forcing a major highway to shut down after lowering visibility and causing a multi-vehicle accident.

Risk management needs to account for the technological times

After nearly 80 years of producing a printed magazine, Newsweek will be switching to an all-digital format in 2013.

Newsweek, an iconic magazine that has been bringing information to readers for almost 80 years, announced this week that it would be stopping its print edition at the end of this year.

Business continuity needs to account for a multitude of events

An explosion in the squirrel population in Northeastern states has caused farmers extreme headaches, as the rodents have harmed crops and trees.

Oftentimes, the butterfly effect will occur in nature, with one event changing the course of the next. In that scenario, business resumption might not be as easy as originally thought.

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