Survey: Many small businesses unconcerned about cyber security

Even if they feel that the risk is small, companies need to ensure that a proper business continuity plan is in place that accounts for cyber attacks.

The National Cyber Security Alliance found that 77 percent of small- and medium-sized businesses feel that their organization is safe from hackers, viruses, malware or a cyber security breach

Technological growth could produce additional reputational risk

With technology increasing more each day, it's important for companies to keep their business continuity plans up-to-date and their employees fully educated on its details.

Studies have shown that when there is little or no communication within a company, such as when no comprehensive business continuity plan exists, more damage can be done to an organization.

Risk management can benefit businesses during data breaches

A Florida college had nearly 300,000 student and employee records stolen by hackers earlier this week. Situations like this are why organizations need to have current business continuity plans.

According to The Associated Press, Northwest Florida State College had nearly 300,000 employee and student records stolen by hackers earlier this week.

Survey: Lack of training and awareness hinder business continuity

When businesses take the time to perform proper risk management assessments, they will better prepare the organization for a multitude of situations.

It’s crucial for companies to take the extra step and ensure that they performed a thorough business risk assessment, in order to properly plan for a multitude of situations.

Continuity of operations needs to account for pandemics

Seven people nationwide have died so far from an outbreak of fungal meningitis, caused by an injection of a steroid that was contaminated with a fungus.

According to CNN, seven people nationwide have died so far from an outbreak of fungal meningitis, and 64 total have become infected across nine states.

Hawaiian farmers may need to recreate a business continuity plan

Hawaiian farmers have had to make multiple adjustments in their day-to-day operations in order to account for widespread drought.

Rancher and veterinarian Dr. Tim Richards – who is also president of the Hawaii Cattlemen’s Association – told the AP that herds have shrunk 20 percent to 30 percent statewide in the past eight years, due in large part to drought.

Genetically engineered crops lead to more pesticides

While genetically engineered crops were originally hailed for their aversion to pesticides, weeds and insects have adapted to the chemicals, causing farmers to use more and more of them.

A recent study found that more farmers are being forced to use dangerous pesticides to fight weeds and insects that have grown in population due to genetically modified crop technologies.

American Airlines says seats malfunctioned due to installation issue

American Airlines has been in the news for three separate flights in the last week have a row of seats come loose during flight, causing the planes to be rerouted and land early.

In the last week, three American flights had to be rerouted and landed early due to rows of seats coming loose mid-air. Each incident happened on a Boeing 757 plane, causing the airline to conduct an overnight investigation on Tuesday of 36 planes of that type.

Study: Arkansas drought costs ranchers $128 million

Due to the drought that swept the nation this summer, research found that Arkansas farmers lost $128 million by being forced to sell their livestock since they couldn't afford to feed them.

The study was led by Michael Popp and Nathan Kemper, who said that some ranchers were forced to sell off their herds because they could no longer afford to feed the animals.

Report raises questions on Massachusetts police force

After the removal of Newton's police chief for alleged behavioral issues, further investigation found examples of more issues within the police force.

Newton police chief Matthew Cummings was removed from his job after reports found that he had made “boorish, disrespectful, and insulting” remarks to female employees and displayed overall offensive behavior.

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