Tabletop exercises provide sufficient preparation for real evacuations

When an emergency situation happens - like a train derailing - it's beneficial when tabletop exercises have taken place. That way, individuals are fully prepared.

Comprehensive business continuity planning should account for natural disasters and other outside forces. Companies cannot control everything that might impact their daily operations and it’s crucial for employees to be well-prepared.

Disaster recovery planning necessary to avoid data breaches

Businesses of all sizes need to ensure that they have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place, accounting for cyber attacks and online data breaches.

Cyber attacks can happen to companies of all sizes, so creating a comprehensive disaster recovery plan is essential for an organization to stay successful.

U.S. scientists prep for nuclear disaster, learn from Japan

U.S. scientists are in a three-day meeting with Japanese nuclear officials to ensure that America's power plants to not suffer the same fate as Fukushima.

The three-day meeting started on Monday and the 22-member committee of the National Academy of Sciences conducted hearings from experts who led Japanese investigations, as well as regulators and officials from the Tokyo Electric Power Company

Organizations of all sizes can benefit from disaster recovery planning

Military branches are creating table top exercises for soldiers to train for a variety of cyber attacks, ensuring that the nation is fully prepared.

The Air Force – along with other military branches – is creating tabletop exercises for its soldiers. Computer experts are being trained in simulations that include situations from email hackings to overriding a runaway trained filled with harmful chemicals.

Sensitive police documents exposed during Macy’s parade

During Macy's annual Thanksgiving Day parade, some of the thrown confetti was revealed to be shredded documents that included sensitive information of Nassau County's police department.

According to reports, during Macy’s annual Thanksgiving Day parade, some of the shredded papers thrown as confetti turned out to be filled with the names, Social Security numbers of New York police officers.

Continuity of operations plans need to account for severe weather

Casinos in Atlantic City are just some of the businesses that are hoping to benefit from the city's new advertising plan, designed to bring customers back after Hurricane Sandy.

Even after a storm has passed, sometimes extra steps need to be taken to ensure that daily operations can begin running to their full extent.

Report: South Carolina could have done more to prevent data breach

Companies need to ensure that their disaster recovery plans account for cyber security threats, as the effects from data breaches can be very harmful.

At the end of October, the South Carolina Department of Revenue reported that it suffered a massive data breach, exposing millions of individuals’ personal information and data from 650,000 businesses.

Meat companies finally feeling effects of drought

The meat industry may soon start to feel the effects of this past summer's drought, as farmers have had to spend more money on feeding their livestock.

While many businesses experienced strong profits, the prices for steak and other products have risen, as farmers are spending more money on properly feeding their livestock.

Even top agencies can benefit from business continuity plans

NASA experienced a massive security breach two weeks ago when an employee's laptop was stolen, which contained personal information like Social Security numbers. Up to 10,000 workers could be affected.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recently experienced a security breach when an employee’s laptop was reported stolen. Up to 10,000 employees could be affected.

United Airlines has quick business resumption after computer glitch

A computer glitch on Thursday kept many United Airlines' flights grounded. After two hours, though, the company was able to recover and return to normal operations.

Dispatchers were unable to send flight information to about half of United’s mainland flights. According to The Associated Press, the outage lasted for about two hours and was resolved by 10 a.m.

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