Stronger passwords will benefit business continuity planning

Ensuring that a business has properly encrypted passwords is an aspect that should be included in a comprehensive business continuity plan.

In an increasingly digital age, where many businesses have sensitive data stored on computers and encrypted with passwords, decision-makers need to ensure that comprehensive risk assessment accounts for online security.

Comprehensive risk assessment needs to account for possible rebuilding process

A comprehensive business continuity plan should account for the possibility that a company might have to undergo a rebuilding process following a disaster.

In light of the “Frankenstorm,” the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) announced earlier this week that it was opening several Business Recovery Centers in New York.

Even with zombies, tabletop exercises benefit emergency personnel

It's crucial for organizations of all kinds to have a thorough business continuity plan in place, ensuring that regardless of the emergency situation, business resumption will be quick.

A security firm hosted a training demonstration on Halloween at the 44-acre Paradise Point Resort island on a San Diego bay. According to the Associated Press, military, law enforcement and medical personnel took part in an elaborate, Hollywood-style production of a zombie attack.

New defense program using tabletop exercises sweeps through the nation’s school

It's important for schools to have their own equivalent of a business continuity plan, ensuring that students are properly trained and know how to perform during emergency situations.

A new program called ALICE has already been implemented in 300 schools – training about 1.5 million students.

Data breach recovery aided by business continuity planning

Women and Infants Hospital reported a data breach earlier this week when it was discovered that 14,000 patients' ultra sound photos and other personal information went missing.

Women and Infants Hospital announced on Monday that ultrasound images and personal data for about 14,000 patients who visited facilities in Rhode Island and Massachusetts years ago have disappeared.

Report: Tabletop exercises and other preparations benefit hospitals

When nurses and other emergency personnel are well-versed in the business continuity plan for a hospital, there can be a quicker recovery if a crisis situation occurs.

If patient injuries mount, nurses and other emergency personnel need to know the precise plan for keeping operations controlled.

Business continuity planning requires more than luck

It's important for companies in all industries to create a comprehensive business continuity plan, and not just rely on luck for when disaster strikes.

In a contribution piece for The New York Times, Paul Downs, founder of Paul Downs Cabinetmakers, wrote about his experience with “Frankenstorm,” and how he was able to resume normal operations just one day after the clouds parted.

NBC website hacked but business resumption was quick

Several NBC websites were hacked into on Sunday, proving that even large companies will benefit from comprehensive risk management assessments that account for cybersecurity threats.

In an increasingly digital age, it's even more vital for companies across all industries to ensure that they have a […]

Homeland Security funds first responder training event in Boston

Boston will be holding a 24-hour training session for emergency officials, letting them prepare for disaster situations such as bank robberies and hazmat decontaminations.

Massachusetts is holding a 24-hour event designed to enhance the skills of public safety workers. Scenarios such as bank robberies and hostage situations will be played out so emergency officials can properly prepare for the real thing.

Business continuity planning highly beneficial in digital age

In a business world increasingly reliant on technology, it's crucial for companies to have a comprehensive business continuity plan, ensuring that they can recover from not having access to online data.

Hurricane Sandy knocked out several media sites, including Gawker, The Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. The backup generator systems failed due to flooding, pushing the news outlets to find alternative ways to post updates online.

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