New York City nursing homes facing difficult recovery after hurricane

New York City nursing homes are still struggling to fully recover following the damages from Hurricane Sandy.

Rockaway Care Center in Queens was badly flooded from the storm, and the 190 patients have been moved to the 240-bed Bishop Hucles. According to the The Associated Press, space is crowded and as a result, security has fallen below standards.

New Jersey continues to suffer from Hurricane Sandy damages

Areas of New Jersey that are still recovering from Hurricane Sandy were hit hard earlier this week from another severe storm. Continuity of operations planning is essential for all residential areas.

Nearly one dozen coastal communities in New Jersey – still attempting to rebuild after Sandy – reported tidal flooding. According to The Star Ledger, up to five inches of rain was reported in some areas.

How AT&T’s investment in disaster recovery paid off during Hurricane Sandy

Based in New Jersey, AT&T was directly in the line of Hurricane Sandy, but managed to stay operational

Though the storm hit U.S. shores roughly eight weeks ago, the effects of Hurricane Sandy are still being felt today. A telecommunications giant may provide one of the best examples yet of how a strong business continuity plan can pay dividends in the event of a major storm.

Next year’s disaster recovery planning needs to account for technical innovations

With technological innovations like cloud computing becoming more popular, companies need to ensure that their business continuity plans account for preparations against cyber attacks.

According to a press release from Quorum, a leading provider of one-click backup, cloud disaster recovery should be a top concern for organizations in 2013.

Severe holiday weather complicating business, municipal operations across Central U.S.

Snow storms complicate operations already limited by the realities of the holiday season

The holiday season is already a hectic time for most businesses, but companies in the Midwest have had matters complicated further by a series of major storms that have raged for the better part of this week.

U.S. wildfires expected to increase over the next few decades

It's important for businesses within all kinds of environments to be thoroughly prepared for a number of situations - including severe weather.

A comprehensive business continuity plan must include details on severe weather, and how a company plans to keep daily operations running smoothly through many situations.

Pacific Northwest pelted by winter storm

Wintry conditions are one reason why companies should ensure they have an updated business continuity plan, as this allows daily operations to occur, even if employees cannot make it into the office.

As employees might need to travel to work, it’s important for companies to have an up-to-date business continuity plan that accounts for the possibility of adverse weather.

Nationwide Insurance data breach affects Midwestern states

Companies of all sizes need to ensure they have an updated disaster recovery plan, as more businesses are reliant on computer systems and could be susceptible to cyberattacks.

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company fell victim to an online attack on October 3, according to reports. An estimated 1.1 million individuals, including non-customers who had sought insurance quotations, could be at risk.

Thorough preparation makes for less convoluted aftermath

Working with a business continuity consultant will guarantee that a company has a comprehensive recovery plan in place for a number of situations.

In order for companies to have quick business resumption after an emergency – either natural disaster or otherwise – it’s crucial to conduct a comprehensive risk analysis.

BYOD underlines need for thorough business continuity planning

With more companies instituting BYOD policies, it's crucial for those organizations to ensure that their systems remain as secure as possible.

When conducting a business impact analysis, it’s crucial for company leaders to account for BYOD, ensuring that all employees understand the risks and that proper security measures are in place.

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