Why a comprehensive business continuity plan needs to account for weather

Severe weather needs to be accounted for in business continuity plans. Whether a company is positively or negatively affected by it, owners need to ensure they are prepared.

For organizations that depend on weather – either clear skies or ones filled with snow – a thorough business continuity plan will account for fluctuating customers.

Continuity of operations planning necessary for communities of all sizes

Regardless of a community's size, it's crucial that it has a current and comprehensive continuity of operations plan.

New York has had a law in place since 1978 that requires a standing state Disaster Preparedness Commission to meet at least twice a year to create and update disaster plans.

Report: Healthcare industry lags behind in terms of data security

According to a recent report, 94 percent of medical facilities experienced a data breach in the last two years. A comprehensive disaster recovery plan can help organizations recover more quickly.

With electronic medical records (EMRs) becoming more common, it’s necessary for healthcare organizations to keep themselves HIPAA compliant, in order to keep patients’ information secure but also to ensure they do not get charged with fines.

California hospitals conduct tabletop exercises in wake of Sandy

California hospitals are beginning to look into their current business continuity plans, striving to make any necessary changes to ensure that their facilities stay fully functional during natural disasters.

Redlands Community Hospital held an earthquake disaster drill a few weeks ago, reported The Los Angeles Times. Doctors and nurses treated “victims” as if a 7.9 quake had hit the area, knocking out power and forcing the facility to run on two backup generators.

Elementary school evacuated for carbon monoxide leak

On Monday, an elementary school had to be evacuated for a carbon monoxide leak. In situations like these, it's beneficial when tabletop exercises have been done, ensuring individuals are fully prepared.

An elementary school in Georgia had to put its students’ skills to the test, as potentially lethal carbon monoxide levels forced students and faculty to evacuate on Monday.

Disaster recovery consulting can prepare businesses for data breaches

A comprehensive disaster recovery plan needs to account for the possibility of a data breach. The repercussions could be very costly for organizations, especially those in the healthcare industry.

For organizations in the medical field, it’s especially important to keep patient records safe. Medical identity theft can be extremely devastating to individuals and HIPAA violations can be costly for healthcare organizations.

Business impact analysis needs to account for severe weather

Northern California experienced heavy rain over the weekend. Business continuity planning will benefit companies of all sizes, in preparation for all types of severe weather.

According to the Associated Press, Northern California experienced another wave of powerful storms over the weekend – the third system to hit the area in one week. As much as one inch of rain per hour fell in some areas, knocking down power lines and uprooting trees.

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