Survey: 21 percent of women flirt at work for preferential treatment

A comprehensive business continuity plan will account for appropriate office behavior. No employee wants to feel uncomfortable or harassed while they are at work.

The website, surveyed over 2,000 individuals and found that 55 percent of women admitted that they'd flirted to get their own way in day-to-day life. Furthermore, 21 percent of women admitted they flirted at work to receive preferential treatment.

New Jersey residents and businesses still slowly rebuilding after Sandy

New York and New Jersey are still slowly recovering, following Hurricane Sandy. It's important for a comprehensive continuity of operations plan to exist for all cities and towns, ensuring that residents remain safe during emergency situations.

In order to ensure that the everyday life of a town can continue, even after a severe storm has swept through it, city leaders need to ensure a comprehensive continuity of operations plan is in place.

Flu outbreak sweeps across the nation, Boston declares health emergency

It's important for companies to have a business continuity plan that accounts for the possibility of pandemics.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s flu advisory report for December 30 through January 5 said that 24 states and New York City were reporting high levels of flu activity.

New Orleans hosts disaster preparedness conference

New Orleans is hosting a conference that underlines the importance of comprehensive continuity of operations planning.

As reported by The Times-Picayune, a New Orleans-based newspaper, the city is hosting a disaster conference, where leaders in emergency preparedness are meeting to discuss how the U.S. can continue to improve in continuity of operations planning.

Pennsylvania 911 funding expected to see serious drop

Reports show that funding for Pennsylvania 911 centers could drastically drop by 2014. It's crucial for emergency preparedness to include quality contact centers for residents and businesses.

Everything from running table top exercises to creating acceptable hot sites can be crucial for preparedness. However, without proper funding, comprehensive continuity of operations planning can be difficult.

Alaska earthquake sparks tsunami warning

An earthquake in Alaska caused widespread concern that a tsunami could follow. It's crucial for towns to have thorough continuity of operations plans to ensure safe evacuations in the event of an emergency.

Alaskan residents and shop owners felt a 7.5 magnitude earthquake last Friday night, prompting a tsunami warning, as officials feared that the quake could spur significant tidal waves.

Omnicell data breach affects close to 70,000

A comprehensive business continuity plan will account for the possibility of data breaches, either from cyber attacks or if devices like laptops are stolen from a company.

The breach occurred when an unsecured device containing patient information was stolen from an Omnicell employee’s locked car on Nov. 14, 2012. Omnicell said in a statement that the data on the device may have contained clinical and demographic information.

Boston transit freezes to a halt with extreme wintry weather

Winter weather can have an extremely negative impact on businesses, as it can affect employees' commutes. A comprehensive business continuity plan will account for that, and other situations.

The Bay State’s morning commute for many workers was severely impacted, with 10 of the 129 Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) trains experiencing mechanical failures, according to The Boston Globe.

Report: Healthcare industry highly susceptible to data breaches

A yearlong investigation by the Washington Post found that the healthcare industry is far behind other sectors in terms of cyber security.

The Washington Post found that as medical facilities have tried to become more efficient and improve care by expanding their use of technology, they have exposed a wide array of vulnerable hospital computers and medical devices to hacking.

Emergency preparedness is still crucial for many businesses

Utility companies and businesses across many industries need to ensure that they have a comprehensive business continuity plan. That way, they can make a quick recovery following a multitude of situations.

In a recent Forbes contribution piece, Jaime Ellerston, CEO of a software company, explained that regardless of a company’s industry, communication is key to ensure that it can make a full recovery.

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