Post-Sandy, New York neighborhood has bleak outlook for businesses

Without a comprehensive continuity of operations plan, it will be more difficult for businesses to recover following  severe weather.

In lower Manhattan, near the South Street Seaport, the roads are deserted and small businesses are trying to find ways to bring back customers. According to the Associated Press, 85 percent of small businesses in that area are still boarded up.

North Carolina town seeks new security measures for government offices

A comprehensive risk assessment can help organizations across all industries work toward implementing workplace violence prevention programs.

North Carolina’s Sampson Country is just one area that is determined to make sure that all government workers feel safe in their 9-to-5 positions. According to The Sampson Independent, 250 employees of country-owned and operated facilities expressed concern about violence in the workplace.

Massachusetts utility companies improve storm response times

Comprehensive continuity of operations planning is crucial for cities and towns of all sizes. Residents will appreciate two-way communication through any severe weather.

After Winter Storm Nemo made landfall, Massachusetts utility companies NStar and National Grid gathered 3,000 crews to replace fallen utility poles, rehang wire cables and repair blown transformers that left more than 600,000 customers without power.

Threat of natural disasters is perfect reason for continuity of operations planning

Comprehensive continuity of operations planning can help city officials keep residents safe when natural disasters strike.

It's exceedingly crucial for residents and business owners to be aware of evacuation orders and understand how their actions can impact emergency crews. Thorough risk analyses and even instituting tabletop exercises can help ensure that areas will be able to react properly when the unexpected occurs.

Study: Fewer patients impacted by healthcare data breaches in 2012

It's exceedingly crucial for medical facilities to have comprehensive disaster recovery plans, so patient data remains secure and the organization is HIPAA compliant.

Redspin, a California-based IT security audit firm found that in 2012, 146 total breaches impacting 500 or more individuals were reported, up from 121 in 2011. However, the number of patient records that were impacted was roughly 2.4 million, which is significantly less than the 10.6 million patient records impacted in 2011.

Winter storm Nemo tests states’ continuity of operations planning

East Coast residents could face serious fines if they do not shovel their sidewalks or if they push superfluous snow into the streets.

The Boston Globe reported that city officials have issued more than 500 tickets to property owners who failed to adequately clear sidewalks or who put snow on city streets and sidewalks.

Rise of BYOD should push companies to reevaluate disaster recovery plans

Disaster recovery planning must account for BYOD policies, as more employees own mobile devices and access  office systems from remote locations.

While the healthcare industry has been in the news more often for such issues, a recent article in CSO explained that all sectors should remain diligent in properly educating employees on proper uses of mobile devices.

Nemo cleanup underway, many still without power

With storms like Nemo, a comprehensive continuity of operations plan can keep residents and business owners safe until the recovery process can begin.

President Barack Obama declared States of Emergency for Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island. Thousands of residents and businesses across the Eastern Seaboard are still without power and areas are trying to return back to normal operations.

East coast braces for winter storm Nemo

The East Coast is putting its continuity of operations planning to use, as winter storm Nemo is predicted to drop up to two feet of snow in some areas.

Winter storm Nemo is expected to roll across New England Friday night and most of Saturday, dumping up to two feet of snow in some areas. There are also warnings of possible coastal flooding, as Nemo will hit some states at high tide.

Disaster recovery planning is crucial for organizations of all sizes

With the Federal Reserve falling victim to a cyber attack, experts reiterate the importance of businesses taking proper precautions against such situations.

In order to ensure quick business resumption should any malfeasance take place, working with business continuity consultants can help companies perform thorough risk analyses. The right preparation will educate employees and provide solutions to repair damages that occur.

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