Boston mayor says city must prepare for another Sandy-like event

Boston's mayor called upon the city to prepare for another event the size of Hurricane Sandy. Had the superstorm hit at high tide, Boston could have suffered greater damages.

Menino told reporters earlier this week that the Bay State was extremely lucky, because when the superstorm hit the East Coast, Boston's tides were low. Had Sandy hit during high tide, more than 6 percent of the city's land area could have been underwater. 

Washington Post latest victim of hacking against U.S. news media

The Washington Post announced last week that it was the latest U.S. news media organization to fall victim to Chinese cyber attacks.

The Washington Post announced last week that it has become the latest victim of cyber attacks targeting U.S. news media. Officials suspect that the growing list of organizations have all been penetrated by Chinese hackers.

Families of Pittsburgh flooding victims file lawsuits against city

Comprehensive business continuity planning can be extremely beneficial in ensuring that individuals are educated on best practices during an emergency.

The city of Pittsburgh is working hard to prevent another incident like the flash floods from 2011. The families of four victims have sued several government and private entities, claiming that more could have been done to stop the deaths.

Report: Workplace violence on the rise, companies must remain diligent

In order for employees to remain productive, they have to feel that their working environment is safe and able to help them thrive on an individual level.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said that nearly 17 percent of all workplace fatalities in 2011 were the result of workplace violence.

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