Canadian train derails in Minnesota, spilling oil

On Wednesday, a derailed train caused traffic to be re-routed, as thousands of gallons of oil was spilled.

On Wednesday, a mile-long Canadian Pacific (CP) train hauling oil from Canada derailed and leaked 30,000 gallons of crude in western Minnesota.

How a business continuity plan can help seasonal companies

A comprehensive business continuity plan can be beneficial for seasonal businesses, especially where severe weather is concerned.

Individuals who rely on seasonal customers paying for beach rental property are feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy, and many are nervous that this summer’s profits are going to be exceedingly low.

Post-Sandy, Coney Island opens on time

Coney Island was able to reopen its doors on time, even with Hurricane Sandy causing damage.

Customers began lining up 15 hours early to get in line for the wooden roller coaster, Cyclone. Restaurants across the way were still closed, but the Times reported that they are expected to reopen by Easter.

Companies cannot expect to be exempt from data breaches

A disaster recovery plan is necessary for businesses of all sizes, especially as computer systems become more prominent in daily operations.

According to Reuters, President Barack Obama said earlier this week that U.S. authorities are investigating how hackers found and posted the personal information of several high-profile individuals.

Study: Companies uncertain about virtual backup and recovery tools

A comprehensive disaster recovery plan is a necessity for all businesses as they become more reliant on digital storage.

Quick business resumption is not only cost-effective, but it proves to customers that an organization is reliable.

Colorado wildfire burns through the weekend

Colorado firefighters were able to control a wildfire over the weekend. Evacuation orders may have upset some residents, but they were necessary, according to authorities.

Strong winds caused the fire to abruptly change course, prompting deputies and state troopers to barricade a neighborhood that had previously not been officially evacuated.

University of Connecticut data breach caused by single employee

A comprehensive business continuity plan can help companies recover quickly from data breaches.

The former worker accessed names, addresses, dates of birth, some Social Security numbers and other health data of 1,400 patients on January 7

Flu infections declining after hitting epidemic levels in 2013

While the flu vaccine is beneficial in preventing the virus from spreading, companies should also have a business continuity plan that accounts for the possibility of pandemics.

Pandemics can affect any community, and as such, companies must ensure that their business continuity plan accounts for the possibility.

Have a continuity of operations plan, even if you’re ‘used to’ natural disasters

While Californians might be used to earthquakes, an up-to-date continuity of operations plan can help ensure residents' safety.

On Monday, Southern California experienced a 4.7 magnitude earthquake, which was the largest event in the Los Angeles region for three years and has produced more than 100 aftershocks.

New York’s Fairway Market finally reopened post Hurricane Sandy

Customers are finally able to return to the Red Hook neighborhood. Area stores reopened after four months, repairing damages from Hurricane Sandy.

Fairway Market, a critical anchor in the Red Hook neighborhood, just reopened at the beginning of March, after rebuilding from damages caused by Hurricane Sandy.

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