California likely to see heavy wildfire season

With a heavy wildfire season predicted, California business owners need to ensure they have a current business continuity plan.

Since the beginning of 2013, state fire crews have responded to more than 680 wildfires, which is 200 more than average for the period.

Why all companies need a current business continuity plan

An up-to-date business continuity plan could include the ability for employees to work remotely during severe weather.

With technology evolving at an increasingly fast pace, it is even easier for employees to work remotely, which could be a good option for a business continuity plan.

California residents evacuated during brush fire

Wildfires are one example of when a current continuity of operations plan is  necessary.

Monrovia, California evacuated nearly 200 residents over the weekend, due to a brush fire that burned over 100 acres.

Alaskan town wants new road for better continuity of operations plan

A current continuity of operations plan is necessary for any town, ensuring that residents can safely evacuate.

Kivalina is a coastal community that has been affected by shoreline erosion and severe storms and state officials are working toward creating better town evacuation routes.

Pentagon suffers data breach, hinders Guantanamo case

Disaster recovery plans need to be current so businesses have a better chance of bouncing back after a data breach.

The United States’ Pentagon recently had a computer server failure last week, which resulted in a large set of documents to be lost.

Midwest hit by massive April storm, proves need for emergency planning

Towns of all sizes need to have a continuity of operations plan, ensuring residents' safety.

When strong storm systems like this occur, it is beneficial for towns and cities of all sizes when they have a current continuity of operations plan.

Study shows nation’s nuclear evacuation plans might need adjusting

Towns need to have current continuity of operations plans, so in the case of an actual emergency, residents remain calm and do not cause harm to others.

A report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) challenged a 30-year-old fundamental of emergency planning around American nuclear power plants.

Colorado town evacuates area after house explosion

Continuity of operations planning is important for residents and emergency personnel to stay safe during disaster situations.

At the end of March, a leak in a natural gas line near Colorado Mesa University caused one home to explode and forced other residents to evacuate quickly.

Charlotte officials update town continuity of operations plan

Charlotte, North Carolina is working toward updating its continuity of operations plan for emergency evacuations.

Emergency workers are altering the routes to account for road changes and new buildings in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina.

Why BYOD needs to be accounted for in disaster recovery planning

Having a BYOD policy can greatly help companies in their disaster recovery planning, ensuring that all devices remain secure.

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies can be especially beneficial in disaster recovery planning, and even in the prevention of data breaches.