North Dakota flooding prompts residential evacuation

Heavy rains prompted one North Dakota town to temporarily evacuate 1,300 residents.

Severe weather is a perfect example of why cities and towns should have an up to date continuity of operations plan.

Why campsites need a continuity of operations plan

A California wildfire forced hundreds of campers to evacuate.

On Monday, May 27, a fire started around 2:45 p.m. near Santa Barbara, in the White Rock Day Use campsite area

Report: Response to Yosemite virus outbreak followed guidelines

A report found that the National Park Service acted within its policy during last year's hantavirus outbreak.

A report released on Monday, May 20, by the Interior Department’s Office of Inspector General found that park officials acted within their policy during last year’s hantavirus outbreak. 

Massive tornado devastates Oklahoma town

A massive tornado swept through an Oklahoma town, destroying home and businesses.

On Monday afternoon, an EF-5 tornado blew threw the Moore, Oklahoma, destroying homes, businesses and schools that were in its path.

New York City preparing subway system for next storm

New York City is working on updating its continuity of operations planning for its subway system.

NYC officials are designing elaborate plans that include inflatable plugs to prevent the subway system from undergoing drastic flooding again. 

Multiple messaging systems can spread information faster

Text messaging services can be part of a larger continuity of operations plan to send out information to a large audience.

With technology evolving more each day, there are more options available for city authorities to relay information to residents and business owners during a continuity of operations plan.

Updated evacuation plans also need residents to be up to date

A good continuity of operations plan has a safe evacuation route and has been properly communicated to all residents and business owners.

One town in New Jersey wants to use its portion of grant money from the state to create a better evacuation plan for its elementary school.

Massachusetts town upset over chemical transportation plan

Residents in a Massachusetts town are nervous about the possibility of dangerous chemicals being transported through the area.

Residents in and near Chelsea, Massachusetts are nervous that Global Partners LP announced that it would be moving ethanol to its storage facility in Revere by Commuter Rail lines.

Business continuity plans must also include employee training

Business continuity consultants can help companies create contingency plans and guide employees through the entire process.

The FDA created a program to help food companies prevent internal contamination and design best practices for future events.

Why contingency plans must also account for online safety

Disaster recovery planning is essential for any business.

The Washington state Administrative Office of the Courts experienced a data breach, when hackers broke through its computer system and possibly gained access to as many as 160,000 Social Security numbers.

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