Evacuation plans are designed to inform, keep people safe

It is important for towns and cities to have an up-to-date continuity of operations plan.

New York City is expanding its evacuation zones and creating more of them in order to create better plans that account for individual storm dynamics.

Why businesses and towns need to plan for pandemics

Business continuity plans need to account for the possibility of a pandemic, so the company can keep operating even if employees are out sick or caring for those who are ill.

With warm climates and areas suffering from drought, California is seeing an increase in residents suffering from valley fever, according to the Associated Press.

NYC fine-tunes continuity of operation plan for hazardous gases

New York City is updating its continuity of operations planning for the possibility of dangerous chemicals being released in the city.

New York City officials are preparing for the possibility of biological or chemical warfare by releasing harmless gases into the city’s streets and subway systems to see how the material would travel.

Even large companies require a disaster recovery plan

Businesses need strong disaster recovery planning in order to keep customer information secure.

LivingSocial, the popular e-commerce website, announced last week that the personal data of more than 50 million consumers was compromised.

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