Palm Beach County braces for hurricane season

Palm Beach County residents are doing what they can to prepare for an active hurricane season.

Earlier this month, over 100 Floridians went through a statewide tabletop exercise. Residents are preparing for an active hurricane season.

Sutter Health hospitals suffer data breaches again

Hospitals should have programs in place to defend patients' information from data breaches.

Sutter Health, a network of 30 hospitals and offices in California experienced its third data breach since 2011.

New York City 911 center under fire again, Boston investigates

New York City's call system is being criticized for not sending an ambulance sooner for a four-year-old girl.

NYPD said no lives were at risk when the 911 system crashed during its initial launch, but a four minute delay for an ambulance is drawing attention following a young girl’s death.

Colorado wildfires leaves uncertainty for businesses, residents

Those familiar with wildfires should establish hot sites to keep businesses open during these times.

Having a continuity of operations plan that helps residents and business across the board is essential for all towns.

Arizona prepares for monsoon season

Arizona residents develop evacuation plans during Monsoon Awareness Week

Many of Arizona’s public agencies are involved with Monsoon Awareness Week to help residents have an adequate continuity of operations plan.

Revamped 911 system in New York City hits bumps

Support centers should have an adequate business continuity plan during emergencies.

While the call center went dark, operators resorted to recording 911 calls on pen and paper to emergency dispatchers.

Workplace violence puts doctor at risk in Texas

Healthcare professionals experience workplace violence more often than other industries, but many incidents are not reported.

A cohesive workplace violence prevention program in place is critical, especially in the healthcare industry.

Oklahoma meteorologist under fire after giving advice to viewers

A continuity of operations plan will give residents the tools they need to help keep them from danger.

During times of severe weather, it is essential for residents to adhere to their city or town’s established continuity of operations plan.

Comprehensive continuity of operations planning essential for all residents

Having an effective continuity of operations plan can help residents in many communities.

With a more comprehensive continuity of operations plan, states along the Mississippi can work together to protect themselves from rising water. 

DMV subjected to data breaches in Utah, New York

Data breaches at the DMV potentially left millions of drivers at risk.

Strong disaster recovery planning can help businesses bounce back from a data breach.