Why it’s important to develop a business of continuity plan

Discussing a continuity plan is essential to ensure businesses will have the tools they need when a natural disaster or data breach occurs.

Network failure and natural disasters are two reasons why businesses and towns should establish a plan for emergencies. The damages can be expensive if preparation is not comprehensive.

Prosecutors crack down on history’s largest data breach

Over 160 million credit card numbers were stolen by five men known as the Shadowcrew.

Five men were responsible for one of the largest data breaches the U.S. Department of Justice has ever seen.

Confirmed gas leak caused offshore evacuation

An oil rig 55 miles from Grand Isles, Louisiana released natural gas and caused employees to evacuate Tuesday.

An idle, offshore oil rig in Louisiana leaked natural gas Tuesday, causing 44 employees to evacuate the premises.

Health insurance company fined $1.7 million for not protecting patient information

Health insurer WellPoint agreed to the HHS' $1.7 million fine for violating HIPAA policies.

The United States’ second-largest health insurance provider put over 600,000 customers at risk between 2009 and 2010.

Florida town runs tabletop exercise to counter chemical disaster

Continuity of operations planning can help first responders and residents understand their roles during an emergency.

An elementary school hosted a tabletop exercise that prepared emergency responders and residents for the possibility of a chemical attack. 

Hurricane Sandy continues to cause problems for East Coast businesses

Business continuity plans are a necessity for all companies, regardless of their location.

With hurricane season in full swing, companies located on the East Coast must ensure they have comprehensive business continuity plans in place. 

New York City, Miami update evacuation maps for hurricane season

New York City released a detailed brochure for residents last month about what they can do to keep themselves safe during a hurricane.

Cities in hurricane-sensitive areas are updating their evacuation maps for the upcoming season.

How to prevent data breaches at your business

Keeping others aware of the latest business continuity plan will reduce the chances of data breaches at your company.

Keeping an updated business continuity plan will ensure that all staff members will know what to do during emergencies.

Preparing to combat the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus

Doctors are trying to figure out what is causing over half of individuals infected with MERS to die.

MERS is a respiratory virus, similar to SARS, that caused the World Health Organization to establish an emergency committee to find solutions to fight the illness before millions of Muslims visit Saudi Arabia this year.

Business continuity planning good for companies of all sizes

Emergency responders are busy during natural disasters. Establishing your own continuity of operations plan will reduce chaos.

Having a business continuity plan in place will help companies during and after a natural disaster.

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