‘Rim Fire’ in northern California continues to burn, threatens local reservoir

Business continuity consultants can help communities better prepare for the possibility of wildfires.

Firefighters were able to increase their control of the “Rim Fire” blaze by 13 percent as of Monday.

How businesses and homeowners can prepare for the fall weather

Intense weather can happen at any time of year, impacting businesses and residential areas.

Having a year-round continuity of operations plan can help communities be prepared for all inclement weather.

Idaho, California impacted by wildfires again

Firefighters in Idaho and California had their hands full over the weekend.

The West Coast is experiencing drier than usual weather. Wildfires are more likely to occur when areas have these conditions.

Schools to build cellars as a continuity of operations plan

Schools are working toward creating a continuity of operations plan so teachers do not have to make last-minute decisions.

In the wake of events that happened during the 2012-2013 school year, school districts are looking to create better continuity of operation plans to keep children safe.

Colorado town cleans up from flooding and mudslides

Friday's flash floods may become the norm for central Colorado residents.

Colorado residents will have to create a long-term continuity of operations plan to work around the wildfire and flooding aftermath at Waldo Canyon and Black Forest.

California wildfire forces evacuations

A large wildfire caused mandatory evacuations in towns in southern California.

Creating a continuity of operations plan can streamline operations for residents and emergency personnel.

South Carolina dedicates a week to hurricane preparation

Businesses and households should prepare for the second half the hurricane season.

Even though though the hurricane season is halfway over, storms tend to be more severe between August and September. Business continuity consultants can help businesses and towns properly prepare.

Boston-area inmate caused chaos at local hospital

An inmate allegedly tried to escape from two officers during a scheduled doctor's appointment last week.

A Boston-area inmate allegedly tried to escape during a scheduled doctor’s appointment at a hospital last week.

Tax professionals unsure of their own cyber security

Just one-third of tax specialists have cyber liability coverage in case a data breach occurs.

A majority of tax professionals are unfamiliar of the dangers of cyber attacks like data breaches, identity theft and viruses. Only one-third of surveyed businesses have a business continuity plan in place.