Study: Communities lack long-term continuity of operations plans

An Australian study found that communities are not fully prepared with a continuity of operations plan in the wake of a storm.

An Australian study found that many communities are inadequately prepared for the short- and long-term effects of natural disasters, which could impact the overall recovery process for up to five years.

Minnesota health insurance exchange mistakenly causes data breach

Health insurance exchange providers need to be wary of potential data breaches because they have a lot of sensitive material in their files.

A Minnesota health insurance exchange provider erroneously emailed private information of 2,400 insurance agents. This is MNsure’s first data breach.

What Colorado residents can expect after the floods

Rampant rainfall caused a mess across 17 counties in Colorado last week.

Colorado residents are working toward cleaning up from last week’s flash floods.

Heavy rain and burn scars led to more flooding in Colorado

Parts of Colorado experienced another round of flash floods from heavy rainfall Thursday morning.

Another evening of heavy rainfall caused power outages, flooded roads and damaged property in Colorado.

California wildfire led to evacuations, blaze is 60 percent contained

Thanks to cooler weather and less humidity, the Mount Diablo fire should be fully contained over the weekend.

Northern California was struck with another wildfire on Sunday, but it is expected to be completely contained over the weekend.

FEMA declares September ‘National Preparedness Month’

Inclement weather can happen during any time of the year. FEMA wants Americans to be more prepared for these situations.

FEMA declared September “National Preparedness Month” to inform Americans to better prepare for natural disasters.

The cost of a data breach

Business continuity consultants can help companies find the programs they need to avoid future hacks.

Data breaches can occur at any moment, but business continuity consultants can develop strong recovery options for businesses.

Social media: A neglected business continuity alternative

The New York Times recently was a victim of a data breach.

Businesses can benefit from incorporating social media into their disaster recovery planning.