Mayors discuss the impact of continuity of operations planning

Continuity of operations planning continues to be an ongoing problem.

Continuity of operations planning continues to be a challenge for government officials, according to a panel hosted by the Rockefeller Foundation. 

Alaska proposes long-term food bank

Alaska is seeking donations of non-perishable food items that can last up to five years at a time.

Alaska is working on improving the security of its food supplies by establishing two emergency food banks in Anchorage and Fairbanks. 

Target’s data breach affects 40 million customers

Target has more than 1,700 locations in the United States.

Target’s data breach could impact as many as 40 million customers. 

Texans may not receive packages and mail in time for the holidays

UPS fulfillment centers in Texas are in a difficult situation due to a massive backlog.

UPS in Texas may not get their orders to customers in time for the holidays. 

Winter weather, suspicious package caused delays on Boston’s subway system

Cold weather caused one to two-hour delays on Boston's MBTA system last week.

Three days of slower operations angered many travelers on Boston’s MBTA subway system. 

Winter storm leaves a mess in Billings, Idaho

Snow and ice has made travel in Billings, Idaho difficult.

Public workers in Billings, Idaho are struggling to clean up local roads after experiencing winter storms two weeks in a row. 

Parts of Dallas’ public transit was delayed due to winter storm

Dallas' light-rail system closed for the second time due to a recent ice storm.

Part of Dallas’ public transportation system closed for three days for the second time in the system’s history. 

Winter storm causes delay of operations in United States

A storm with a mix of snow and freezing rain caused many issues for Americans over the weekend.

The winter may not have officially started, but consistent storms may be an indicator of what local governments can expect in the coming months.

Collection of child services records found in public alley

An individual came across a box filled with private records that belonged to the Child Protective Services office.

The Child Protective Services office in Phoenix, Arizona is going through to investigations at once.

How communication saved many residents in Illinois

Tornadoes destroyed about 500 homes in Washington, Illinois

Communication across many mediums greatly reduced the number of lives taken during a storm in November.

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