Why there’s a need for a disaster recovery plan

The FBI announced that data breaches will continue to occur in 2014 if retailers fail to increase cyber security.

The FBI recently released a warning to all retailers about increasing their cyber security efforts against data breaches. 

New York Blood Center backs project to create MERS vaccine

Attempts to make a vaccine for MERS is underway at the New York Blood Center.

The Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus has potential to become the next pandemic, researchers at the World Health Organization recently said. 

Metro-North Railroad’s business continuity is challenged by recent delays

Thousands of commuters were stranded along three branches of the Metro-North Railroad on Thursday night.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority faced a problem with its Metro-North computer system Thursday night.

Study: Weather-related disasters have increased in the past 30 years

The United States saw seven billion-dollar weather events in 2013.

Extreme weather may be happening more often, so it is pertinent to have a business continuity plan in place to ensure operations aren’t interrupted. 

Why businesses, governments should fight against this year’s flu season

Employers who want to ensure business continuity in the workplace this winter may want to get their staff members the flu vaccine.

Doctors predict that the peak of flu season may occur sooner than usual because younger adults are getting sick. 

New York proposes $17 billion plan to restructure state

A plan to improve New York's infrastructure is estimated to cost $17 billion.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a $17 billion plan that may improve New York State’s continuity of operations efforts.

Target’s data breach may reach over 110 million customers

The second-largest retailer may be facing one of the biggest data breaches from a single company.

The extent of Target’s data breach might be one of the largest incidents to occur among retailers.

Cost of natural disasters in 2013 was lower than average years

The price of weather-related disasters in North America was higher than Europe, but lower than Asia.

Although North America faced less storms in 2013, the price of the damage was still higher than other continents.

Polar vortex contributes to multi-billion dollar losses

Cancellations at Newark and many other airports continue to impact business continuity for many Americans.

The polar vortex continues to cause problems in the United States, resulting in proposed multimillion dollar losses. 

‘Polar vortex’ causes extreme cold across United States

Extremely cold conditions continue to pose risks for millions of Americans across 26 states.

More than half of the United States is reeling the effects of a polar vortex, an extreme cold front from the Arctic Circle. 

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