Search for missing persons in Washington landslide continues

One community in Washington is trying to pick up the pieces from a massive landslide.

The hillside community of Oso, Washington endured the impact of a massive landslide Saturday morning.

Malaysia Airlines tries to restore confidence with text alerts

Friends and family who have been waiting to hear an update about Flight MH370 will be able to receive text message updates.

Malaysia Airlines is continuing to do its best to maintain daily operations, while it is working on an investigation to find a plane that has been missing for nearly a month.

Texas, New Mexico endure haboob-like conditions

Droughts in Texas caused a cold front from the Rocky Mountains to create a large dust storm earlier this week.

Parts of western Texas and eastern New Mexico experienced limited visibility when a 200-mile wide, 1000-foot high dust storm was in the area earlier this week. 

Los Angeles wakes up to earthquake during Business Continuity Awareness Week

Earthquakes have the potential to cause significant problems for communities, it is important to be prepared for the worst case scenario.

Los Angeles’ earthquake during Business Continuity Awareness Week may be the sign the city needs to reevaluate its emergency management practices. 

Malaysia Airlines does its best to maintain business continuity

How long can Malaysia Airlines go without an update on flight MH370 before it begins to damage its reputation?

Malaysia Airlines is doing its best to ensure business continuity during an ongoing investigation, but time is extremely limited.

Navy Marine Corps Intranet network gets hacked

The Navy's network is used by more than 800,000 people in 2,500 locations.

It took the Navy more than four months to tighten cyber security after the intranet network faced a data breach. 

Thousands still without power from North Carolina storm

North and South Carolina continue to feel the wrath of the winter.

North and South Carolina are facing significant weather-related problems at this time.

Inclement weather estimated to cost airline industry over $5 billion

More planes remained on runways this winter than previous years.

The airline industry is aware that the winter may cause flight cancelations, but this year the market is projected to lose more than $5 billion.

Measles virus creeps back into the United States

Is your community prepared to defend itself against viruses like the measles?

The flu virus may be on its way out, but could measles be the latest threat to children and adults?