Why utility companies should have a business continuity plan

Electricity is an important part of our daily lives, but utility companies aren't doing enough to protect it, according to two experts.

Research shows that utility companies lack a business continuity plan, even though electricity can be compromised at any given moment.

South Korean ferry sinks, over 150 people presumed dead

Recently a ferry in southern South Korea capsized, allegedly killing more than 150 people.

Many families in South Korea are grieving over the loss of their teenage loved ones who were on a ferry that capsized earlier this month.

MERS-CoV may reach a concerning ‘tipping point,’ infecting care providers

The spread of MERS-CoV in the Arabian Peninsula might pose a significant risk to the rest of the world.

More than 50 instances of MERS-CoV were detected within a week, primarily from health care providers.

Mississippi residents trapped in damaged mobile homes

More than 17 mobile homes in a community in Mississippi were deemed completely destroyed from a storm this week.

Mississippi experienced another round of severe spring weather, this time it caused damage to a mobile home community. 

Why business owners should prepare for ‘Heartbleed’ bug

An encryption software flaw can affect up to two-thirds of all active websites.

Disaster recovery efforts can expedite a business’ processes during a difficult time.

Denton County struck with $300 million hail storm

Two hail storms caused widespread damage to a northern Texas county.

Denton County business and residents are trying to clean up the mess of a $300 million weather event. 

Kaiser Permanente suffers from fourth data breach since 2009

Malware was installed into one server at Kaiser's research facilities in February, affecting more than 5,000 patients.

Kaiser Permanente suffers its fourth data breach in 2009, possibly affecting more than 5,000 patients. 

West-central Mississippi hit with severe weather

Mississippi is trying to keep emergency management in order during a massive search to find a nine-year-old girl.

West-central Mississippi residents were woken up late Sunday night with heavy rainfall or a tornado. 

South Dakota braces for April snowstorm

Snow is coming back to the Midwest this week.

South Dakota’s public workers are prepared for Thursday and Friday’s storm and they have a strong idea of what to expect from it.

Northern coast of Chile experiences 8.2-magnitude earthquake

Landslides made travel difficult for some northern Chile residents Tuesday night.

Residents in northern Chile were forced to evacuate their homes Tuesday night because of a 8.2-magnitude earthquake.