Hurricane season likely to be ‘below normal’

Hurricane season is upon us, is your company ready?

Hurricane season is estimated to be one of the quietest years yet, but is your business prepared for the worse-case scenario?

San Diego County’s 2,000-acre fire is ’93 percent’ contained

Fires in California are the norm, but San Diego County's situation occurred earlier than usual.

San Diego County suffered its first wildfire of the season, months ahead before the state considers wildfires a serious concern.

MERS-CoV makes an appearance in the United States

Health care practitioners should be prepared for a potential MERS outbreak now that two cases have been found in the U.S.

MERS has been a growing problem overseas and has made its way to the United States.

April showers bring May clean up session

Flooding in the southeastern United States will cost Americans thousands of dollars in repairs.

Inclement weather in the Midwest made its way to the Atlantic coast and dumped nearly two feet of rain in Florida.