Include vendors, partners in business continuity risk analysis

Don't let a vendor's crisis slow down your business.

A business impact analysis for a potential disaster is a key part of proper preparation and planning, but many companies make the mistake of not going far enough with their assessment.

Continuity planning needs to come before recovery strategies

Planning is the most important part of business continuity efforts.

Disaster recovery is a critical part of business continuity planning, but some experts note that the latter needs to come before a firm invests in disaster recovery technology.

3 of the most important steps in protecting your business from a disaster

Make sure your business is prepared for the worst.

Business continuity planning relies on careful consideration of the risks a company might face and the minimal required effort to avoid or overcome them.

Business continuity benefits the whole community

Small businesses can contribute more to disaster preparedness than larger companies.

A company needs to put a disaster recover plan in place to protect its assets and revenue stream, but many firms find that their business continuity planning has an impact on the community around them as well.

Red Cross focusing on business continuity planning

Business continuity planning a key focus across the United States.

As part of its ongoing initiative to improve disaster response and recovery throughout the United States, the American Red Cross is working to promote continuity of operations planning, as well as its own Ready Rating program.

Experts encouraging more continuity of operations planning

Prepare for any crisis before it's too late.

Natural and manmade disasters are presenting new and complex risks for businesses every year, and more experts are calling out for advanced disaster recovery planning.

Merging mobile and legacy phone lines key to business continuity

Merging mobile and legacy phone lines is key to improving business continuity.

There are many benefits to introducing a mobility strategy and migrating to mobile devices for general employee communications, but one of the most valuable in the long run is improvement to business continuity planning.

Are you using the same IT service provider at your hot site?

Some times it's better to bring on a third-party IT service provider for your hot site.

It may not seem like a big deal, but one key flaw in a business continuity plan can lie in third-party service providers, particularly with regard to IT services.

Don’t rely on FEMA aid to get you back up and running

Don't rely on FEMA aid to get you back up and running.

Rather than relying on FEMA to get you back up and running, make sure you have a clear continuity of operations plan to do the job.

Don’t just create a plan, test it

Testing your business continuity strategy is just as important as creating it.

Developing a successful business continuity plan, complete with a hot site, data recovery and evacuation route require not just planning, but thorough testing of that strategy.

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