3 basic tips for business continuity planning

Make sure you've considered every possibility when it comes to disaster preparedness and recovery.

We often discuss advanced techniques for improving and optimizing continuity of operations plans, but sometimes it helps to go back to the basics.

Macomb County promoting business continuity alongside resident disaster preparedness

A crisis affects an entire community, not just the residents or the businesses, and working together can speed up recovery.

While government officials are often very focused on citizen disaster preparedness and recovery, businesses are left to fend for themselves.

Prepping a business for unusual crises: Civil unrest

Civil unrest can be a trying time for any business, even if it doesn't turn into a riot.

Civil unrest isn’t a common crisis that businesses need to deal with, but in light of recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, it should be a situation that firms are aware of.

Flexibility key to successful business recovery

Flexibility is a key part of successful disaster recovery.

Business continuity planning has to use certain key strategies to ensure success – namely flexibility.

3 steps in small business continuity of operations planning

Don't be unprepared for a crisis, make sure to assess and test business systems regularly.

Business continuity planning needs are different for small businesses than larger enterprises, and making sure to meet these unique needs requires careful assessment of risk and recovery requirements.

Bringing continuity focus to consumer data

Data security is a major concern throughout continuity planning.

Enterprises investing in business continuity planning have many considerations to make, but protecting customer data should be near the top of the list.

Incorporate more scenario-based analysis for greater efficient business continuity

Scenario-specific business impact analysis is an essential part of high-quality continuity planning.

One step in achieving more efficient continuity of operations planning is to focus on scenario-based analysis, rather than broad recovery efforts.