5 mistakes businesses make with continuity planning

Businesses can't afford to make continuity planning mistakes.

It can be very easy to misstep during continuity of operations planning.

Digital workplaces could be the hot sites of the future

A digital workplace can save businesses significantly during a crisis situation.

As companies invest in emerging technology, the potential for the cloud, mobility and virtualization to house every system they need to do their job remotely opens up new possibilities for business continuity efforts.

Bringing IT and business operations together for strong continuity planning

Bring different teams together to ensure business continuity plan optimization.

Continuity of operations planning takes so many different aspects of business into consideration it can be easy to lose focus on the parts that really matter.

Is your business prepared for a winter storm?

Winter comes with many business continuity risks for businesses across the United States.

The lake effect storm that dropped a record-breaking 5+ feet of snow on Buffalo, New York, and the surrounding Great Lakes area in a 24-hour period highlighted the express need for businesses to prepare for the worst that winter has to offer.

Workplace violence prevention important during the holiday season

Black Friday can be hectic for retailers, but it is important to ensure employees and customers remain safe during this shopping event.

Workplace violence prevention planning often focuses on employee and former employee activities, but during the holiday season it can also include customers for retailers.

Companies without a continuity of operations plan have only themselves to blame

Being prepared for any crisis is vital to modern business operations.

With corporate awareness of natural disasters and business risk at an all time high, companies that don’t implement a business continuity plan and face a crisis have only themselves to blame when something goes wrong.