Third-party services hacked at Hilton Hotels

Data breach occurs at Hilton's nationwide.

A data breach at Hilton Hotels shows the importance of including third-party vendors in a business continuity plan.

Remote access considerations: business continuity in winter

Here are four tips for allowing your employees to work from home during a storm.

Here are four suggestions to consider when adding allowing employee remote access this winter.

Benevolent software developer exposes security flaw in Kardashians’ websites

A benevolent user saves the Kardashians from leaking customer information on the internet.

The Kardashians almost leaked valuable customer data, but thanks to a benevolent user, the information was secured.

Banks sue Target over 2013 data breach

Target is still dealing with a hack from almost two years ago.

Almost two years later, Target is still dealing with the fallout from this massive hack.

Online antenna retailer hacked

Mohu looses customer information in data breach.

Mohu suffer’s data breach, losing the information of 2,500 customers in under two months.

California State University data breach affects nearly 80,000 students

Cal State suffers a data breach.

A hack exposes the personal information of students at eight Cal State campuses.

DRJ Fall World Conference 2015

Disaster Recovery Journal’s Fall World 2015 Conference: 9/27-9/30 Find Ted Brown at Booth #406 on 9/27-9/29 Monday, 9/28, Ted Brown will hold two […]

Online retailer suffers data breach

Online retailer and subsidiaries suffers data breach.

Online comics and games retailer suffers data breach affecting nine affiliate websites.