Uber accidentally exposes the personal data of some of its drivers

Uber leaks the information of almost 700 drivers.

A recent Uber cyber security debacle shows the importance of proper disaster recovery planning.

Third-party working with regional thrift chain suffers data breach

Charity thrift store chain America's Thrift Stores suffers a data breach.

The hack of America’s Thrift Stores third party provider showcases the need to incorporate third parties into disaster recovery plans.

Samsung Pay technology was hacked

China hacked a U.S. company.

A U.S.-based Samsung subsidiary was hacked by China.

Experian hack compromises 15 million T-Mobile customers

Experian hack creates PR nightmare for T-Mobile.

Experian breach creates PR nightmare for T-Mobile.

Scottrade reports a data breach

Scottrade hack exposes the personal information of 4.6 million customers.

Scottrade hack goes undetected for almost two years. 

Crowdfunding site Patreon hacked

Patreon suffers data breach.

Popular crowdfunding site Patreon looses the data 2.3 million users in a data breach.

Trump Hotels report data breach

Trump Tower, Chicago is one of the locations affected in the breach.

Trump Hotel hack shows the need for a strong disaster recovery plan.