Our Team

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Edward "Ted" Brown III, CBCP, CBCV, MBCI
President and CEO

David C. John, CBCP
International Executive Vice President

Morris Davis, CBCP, MBCI
National Practice Leader

James L. Mauney, CHS V, FPEM

Christopher J. Servia, CBCP, MBCI

Jim Barr, MBCI
Senior Consultant

Homer D. Brenneman, Jr, CBCP
Senior COOP Consultant

Lee Eisen MBCP, MBCI
Senior Consultant

Paul D. Kamikawa CBCP
Senior Consultant

Glen McCullers, CBCP
Senior BCP Consultant

Linda Provenzano, CBCP
Senior Consultant

Mark Turnbull, CBCP
Senior Consultant

Ingela Orlove CBCP, MCIS
Senior Consultant

Jack Orlove Jr. MBA, CBCP
Senior Consultant

Gary Villeneuve MBCP
Senior Business Continuity Consultant

Frederick W. Pencek
Director of Sales

James G. (Jim) Barr, MBCI

Paul Kirvan, FBCI, CISA, Senior Consultant

Boyd Walters

John Small