Christopher J. Servia, CBCP, MBCI

Christopher J. Servia, CBCP, MBCI

Christopher Servia

2432 Burnell Road, Suite 203

State College, PA 16803

Telephone: 570-563-0868

Toll Free: 888-538-2492

Fax: 570-563-0868

E-Mail: Crisservia@KETCHConsulting.com

Chris has 7 years of federal government experience with the Department of the Navy as a civilian computer specialist. Key projects included mainframe system software support, data networking, and distributed server support. Disaster recovery efforts included tape operations, microfiche processing and off-site storage, and multiple distributed server recoveries.

Chris has 6 years of experience in Fortune 500 manufacturing as a network consultant with Reynolds Metals Company. Chris supported the Reynolds International division traveling to Europe, Asia, South America, and throughout North America. Responsibilities included network design, implementation and support, project management, distributed server support, corporate IT standards management, and Internet e-mail administration. Disaster recovery efforts included network impact analysis, redundant network circuit design, corporate hotsite network design and implementation, multiple network equipment recoveries, and distributed server backup and restore management.

Chris has 11 years of business continuity planning experience in healthcare with University Health Systems of Eastern Carolina. He has extensive experience in crisis communications planning, emergency management, business unit continuity planning, Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (HVA), and business impact analysis. Chris has also conducted multiple business level training and awareness exercises including basic planning, crisis communications, program awareness, and automated management system utilization.

For over 9 years, he has been responsible for full development of all aspects of IT disaster recovery planning at University Health Systems of Eastern Carolina. Initiatives include growing business continuity management, business impact analysis, IT strategy development, emergency management and incident command, recovery exercising, crisis communications, external agency coordination, awareness, and program policy development.

Additional skills include:

23 years Information Technology

22 years Project Management

11 years Data Networking

11 years Server Management

7 years Mainframe Systems Management

9 years Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

6 years Staff Leadership/Supervision

4 years Business Continuity Automated Software Administrator

FEMA IS.100, IS.200, and IS.700 Certificates

As a graduate of East Carolina University, Chris obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. Chris lives in the city of Greenville in Eastern North Carolina. Chris has been recognized by Marine Corps Air Bases East, Commanding Brigadier General Fred McCorkle, as a Commandant’s Accelerated Service Honor award recipient. He supports his local community through United Way of Pitt County and the Children’s Miracle Network of Eastern North Carolina. He is also an acitve member of the Board of Directors for the Business Continuity Professionals of the Carolinas user group.