Apple hopes to continue its strong connection to the music industry and ability to aid customers in listening to their tunes on the go by moving into the internet radio market.

Apple looking to move into internet radio

Apple has clearly established itself at the top of the technological market. Since the iPad debuted in 2010, the company said more than 84 million have been sold. Just this year alone, 44 million were sold worldwide.

However, Apple is looking to expand into a seemingly already established market – internet radio. According to The New York Times, the tech company hopes to continue to dominate in the music industry, as the iPod changed the way individuals listen to music on the go.

"Apple's service would probably take the form of a preinstalled app on devices like iPhones and iPads and might be able to connect to users' iTunes accounts to judge their tastes," the article said.

Additionally, individuals briefed on the plans told the news source that Apple could look into direct licensing options with record labels, which would give the company more flexibility in using music.

While the business plan is not expected to happen soon, the briefed sources told the Times that details on the internet radio plan would probably not happen on September 12, when Apple is set to make a company announcement – most likely the release date of the next-generation iPhone.

Some analysts, though, question the possible move, as the internet radio business seems too small for Apple to concern itself with – it makes just $1 billion a year in revenue. Furthermore, they estimate that some consumers could shy away from the service and continue to try and stream for free, rather than use an Apple subscription service.

With technology evolving at an exponential rate, it is common for companies and organizations to look for new and innovative ways to push themselves forward. Ensuring that a business continuity plan is in place is crucial. That way, enterprises can remain stable through times of change and be prepared for any outcome.