Inclement weather can happen during any time of the year. FEMA wants Americans to be more prepared for these situations.

FEMA declares September ‘National Preparedness Month’

Natural disasters can happen in any part of the United States, which is why it so important for businesses and communities alike to have a plan of action in place. 

As a way to encourage Americans to prepare for future storms, the Federal Emergency Management Agency announced that September would be "National Preparedness Month." It may sound like a new concept, but it has been around since 2004, according to FEMA's website. The organization is making a stronger case this year because of the variety of extreme weather that has occurred recently.

Drafting an evacuation plan with hot sites will make finding friends and family easier, just in case cell phone towers get overwhelmed by an influx of phone calls. 

"Often people are not at home when a disaster occurs and they may not be able to get back into their neighborhood," Richard Reed, senior vice president of Disaster Cycle Services for the Red Cross, said in a press release. "Plans should include decisions about where everyone will go if ordered to evacuate and what route they will take to get there." 

"National Preparedness Month" has the support of many organizations like the American Red Cross, which will be educating families and businesses from chapters all over the United States. This year alone, parts of the nation have seen the impact from tornados and wildfires. Meteorologists are keeping a close eye on the Atlantic Ocean because hurricane season lasts until November.

Business continuity consultants can help organizations and communities create a comprehensive package that may work within the framework of their needs.