A comprehensive business continuity plan can be beneficial for seasonal businesses, especially where severe weather is concerned.

How a business continuity plan can help seasonal companies

Different seasons bring different activities. It only makes sense that ski slopes will see higher revenue when snow can naturally fall on the ground and water parks will have more business in the summer months. Some East Coast beaches, though, face an uncertain few months.

Hurricane Sandy caused damage to the Eastern Seaboard in more ways than one. Nearly five months later, businesses of all sizes are still working toward a full recovery. Individuals who rely on seasonal customers paying for beach rental property are feeling the effects, and many are nervous that this summer's profits are going to be exceedingly low.

According to The New York Times, New Jersey released a report on the state's tourism last week, asking if it would be ready for shore property rentals by the time summer starts. Temporary housing is crucial to the area's economy in the warmer weather, with half of the state's $40 billion tourist market connected to it.

Places like Ortley Beach, Deauville Beach and Normandy Beach had 90 percent of their rental properties eliminated. Even areas where the houses are in good condition are surrounded by homes dislodged from their foundation, or are riddled with contractors who use machinery at 7 a.m. – not reassuring signs for customers.

Lee Childers told The Times that his real estate firm works out of five offices along the coast and normally rents 800 houses each summer. However, so far this year he has done about 5 percent of that.

"It's such bad publicity with a roller coaster still in the ocean," Childers said. "Will people from North Jersey say, 'Oh, Seaside Park is O.K., but Ortley isn't?'"

Not only can a business continuity plan help companies prepare for unexpected events, it can provide them with an opportunity to create hot sites. That way, employees can still have a safe place to work until the organization is able to operate normally.